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Cousin takes sides in family divorce

Dear Amy: My father and we were put in a center of a conditions we don’t wish to be in. My cousin and we grew adult like sisters — we are unequivocally close. In fact, we lived in a same domicile as teenagers. My cousin and her father (who is …

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Should mom tell about teen’s unsure business?

Dear Amy: My 18-year-old daughter and we had cooking with another mom and her daughter recently. We’ve famous one another given a girls were in kindergarten. The daughters went to opposite high schools and aren’t terribly close, yet we still see them on arise and cruise them friends. The mom …

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Half of group can’t rightly brand a vagina

Turns out half of group can’t find a vagina. No, we’re not kidding.   In a consult conducted by The Eve Appeal, a British gift for gynecological cancers, 1,000 group were asked to tag a vagina on a blueprint including a vagina, vulva, cervix, ovaries and a Fallopian tubes. Only …

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Emotions play a outrageous purpose in a ‘Freshman 15’

Going to university brings lots of gains – new friendships, knowledge, clubs and freedom. Add to that – weight gain. Yes, a Freshman 15 is alive and, unfortunately, entrance to a university nearby you. And, nonetheless there is opposing investigate about a accurate volume of weight a university tyro can …

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