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Boob jobs make it tough to detect heart attacks: Study

Breasts implants are creation it formidable for doctors to mark heart attacks in women since they retard showing of symptoms, a new investigate warns. Researchers found that electrocardiogram (ECG) tests, a form of slight exam used to diagnose cardiac problems, were mostly dangerous in women who had breast increase surgery. …

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All abuzz for HoneyWater

SAVE THE BEES, PLEASE: And we can do it with a assistance of HoneyWater, a poetic libation made, yes, with sugarine and water. Two flavours — Mint Honey and Lemon Honey — this all nature, tasty and poetic splash is honeyed with a excellent Canadian honey. And good for you. …

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Halle Berry rising lifestyle site

Halle Berry is relaunching her Hallewood fan forum as a lifestyle site. The Gothika singer initial combined a Hallewood fan site in 2000 to she could “connect one-on-one” with fans though she tighten it down 4 years after after it turn too formidable to manage. On Tuesday, she suggested during …

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Older dads have ‘geekier’ sons: Study

A new investigate suggests that boys innate to comparison fathers are some-more expected to be “geeky.” Researchers formed out of King’s College in London, England and Mount Sinai in New York City contend they’ve found a couple between a father’s age and his sons IQ. The researchers collected consult information …

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