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IMF approves redeeming $1.8 billion loan to Greece

WASHINGTON – The International Monetary Fund’s house on Thursday authorized a $1.8 billion loan to Greece — though will usually recover a income if a nation gets debt service from a European creditors. The IMF has praised Greece for holding stairs to revoke a bill deficits, including expanding a taxation …

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NAFTA renegotiation to start Aug. 16 in Washington

The initial turn of talks between Canada, a United States and Mexico on revamping a North American Free Trade Agreement (NAFTA) will take place in Washington from Aug. 16-20, U.S. Trade Representative Robert Lighthizer pronounced on Wednesday. READ MORE: NAFTA: Donald Trump’s wish list and shutting a book on Chapter 19 …

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Lack of financial education could reason Canadian millennials back: report

Canadian millennials are improved prepared than their parents, have some-more skills, and are some-more expected to spend income on philanthropy, according to a BMO Wealth Management report. Overall, a “Generation Why” news says millennials are well-equipped to achieve in a workforce. READ MORE: Why Canada’s tip 3 ranking in tellurian girl financial …

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Canada now No. 2 flight end for China’s rich: report

Canada overtook a U.K. for a initial time to turn a second tip flight end for China’s rich, according to a obvious check of a country’s high net value individuals. The U.S. stays No.1 choice, yet “overall, U.S. cities have seen a tumble in foster given a Trump presidency,” according …

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World’s cosmetic rubbish could bury Manhattan 2 miles deep

WASHINGTON — Industry has done some-more than 9.1 billion tons of plastic given 1950 and there’s adequate left over to bury Manhattan underneath some-more than dual miles of trash, according to a new cradle-to-grave tellurian study. Plastics don’t mangle down like other synthetic materials, so three-quarters of a things ends …

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Ambassador sees no surprises in U.S. NAFTA list

EDMONTON – Canada’s envoy to a United States says he doesn’t see any surprises in President Donald Trump’s list of objectives for arriving North American giveaway trade negotiations. David MacNaughton is poring over a U.S. list during a assembly with Canada’s premiers in Edmonton. “I don’t consider there was anything …

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