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SECOND OPINION | Are animals innate with a ability to count?

Hello and happy Saturday! Here’s a roundup of a week’s engaging and heterogeneous news in health and medical science. If we haven’t subscribed yet, we can do that by clicking here. Are animals innate with a ability to count? Some scientists contend yes, and indicate to examples where pigeons, dolphins and monkeys have …

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New E. coli conflict compared with flour in B.C.

Six people in British Columbia were putrescent with a same aria of E. coli between Feb and April, according to the BC Centre for Disease Control (BCCDC). A representation of flour from one of the people who got ill was tested by a BCCDC. The flour tested certain for a same aria …

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‘I went into distress’: studious wakes adult during surgery

*Warning: Details in this story might make some listeners uncomfortable. It’s a calamity portrayed in cinema — being unwavering and aware during a medicine — but being incompetent to warning a doctors and nurses around you. Donna Penner can tell we it does happen. ‘I was feeling a pain as he done a rent …

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Why Canadians are selecting restaurants over a kitchen

Canadians are increasingly foregoing home baked muck for quicker, ready-to-eat dishes or dinning during a restaurant, a new investigate suggests. A Dalhousie University consult found scarcely 42 per cent of Canadians are possibly shopping ready-to-eat dishes or eating during a grill once or twice a week, while another 3 per …

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