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Norwegians lift $11Gs to repair emasculated penis stone formation

HELSINKI — Activists are collecting income to correct a penis-shaped stone arrangement in southern Norway after a renouned traveller captivate was found badly damaged. Joggers detected Saturday that a Trollpikken stone arrangement had burst and remarkable drilling holes in a stone — something that experts contend strongly suggests a stone …

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Weird universe of Disneyland

Disney thesis parks unequivocally are Mickey Mouse during times, a new thread for employees of a party hulk reveals. Reddit user voxangelikus asked: “Disneyworld/land employees, what is a many weird thing you’ve seen during work?” Some of a employees confessions are officious shocking. Alice in Wonderland and Minnie Mouse as …

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TV lorry stolen while news organisation worked on crime story

ALBUQUERQUE, N.M. — While a radio news organisation was entertainment footage for a story about crime in a Albuquerque downtown area, a burglar gathering off in a station’s SUV. The Albuquerque Journal reported a story Friday about a KOB-TV truck. KOB News Director Michelle Donaldson says a car was recovered …

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‘Must ban!’: Toothpick crossbows are China’s pester spinner

BEIJING — Powerful mini-crossbows that fire toothpicks and needles are a new must-have fondle for schoolkids opposite China — and a calamity for endangered relatives and propagandize officials. Several cities including Shenzhen and Qingdao have reportedly criminialized sales of a palm-sized contraptions, that sell for about $1 and are absolute …

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Don’t take selfies with vast animals: Cops

Moose are not to be approached, not even for selfies. That should be sincerely apparent to anyone who’s watched moose videos on YouTube, though Calgary military gathering a indicate home Thursday after reports flush one such vast ungulate was erratic around a northwest quadrant, privately in a area of Beddington …

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Couple gets $97,000 returned that they incorrectly donated to Goodwill

ZANESVILLE, Ohio — A integrate has gotten behind scarcely $100,000 they incorrectly donated to Goodwill Industries in Ohio. The (Zanesville) Times Recorder reports dual Goodwill employees in Zanesville primarily suspicion it was play income or tawdry income after anticipating $97,000 in hundred dollar bills in a duffel bag inside a …

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