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Romeo and Juliette innate during Fla. hospital

Star-crossed baby lovers? Two sets of new relatives were astounded to learn their babies were partial of a Shakespearean tie during a Florida sanatorium only dual weeks after another span of infants premiered as Romeo and Juliet on a same day during a sanatorium in South Carolina. The Orlando Sentinel …

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Brits feared ye olde zombies

Medieval peasants were as shocked of ye olde zombies as most as a biggest Walking Dead geek, a new investigate reports. Villagers in Yorkshire customarily burnt and dismembered a skeletons of a recently departed. And a archeologists who authored a news contend adults were shocked of a vital dead. The …

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WATCH: Why did a turkey cranky a road? [Video]

LYNNFIELD, Mass. — A furious turkey is giving interjection after safely creation a approach opposite a heavily trafficked Massachusetts widespread during rush hour. A helicopter camera held a thespian stage in Lynnfield, only north of Boston. The fowl ran afoul of motorists on Interstate 95 on Wednesday. Some drivers had …

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Kinky Kim Thong-un splurges on slip for ‘pleasure squad’

Call him Kim Thong-un. The North Korean oppressor reportedly blew $4.5 million final year on lacy slip for his personal harem famous as a “Pleasure Squad”. According to The UK Sun, Jong-un’s beauties — some as immature as 13 — were plucked as virgins to perform a tubby oppressor and …

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Almost-nude baristas in Everett, Wash., might be forced to cover up

Nearly-naked baristas in Everett, Wash. could shortly be told to barter their charming pasties for tank tops. Councillors in a coastal city north of Seattle are scheming for mixed open hearings to plead potentially outlawing a hardly clad coffee servers. If a bidding passes, it would force bare-chested baristas during …

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Nude model, photographer arrested during Pa. frame mall: Cops

Talk about exposed ambition. Police contend a male was holding photos of a lady who was wearing usually thigh-high black stockings and high heel boots during a frame mall nearby Pittsburgh. Monroeville military contend 21-year-old Chelsea Guerra, of Indiana, was posing in front of businesses during Miracle Mile Shopping Center …

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