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Lazy niece qualifies as home intruder

Dear Amy: we have a niece who lives with me. She is 22 years old, and she is a laziest chairman ever.

She is manipulative, jealous, self-centered, dirty, lazy, a liar, a user, and she fundamentally thinks a universe revolves around her. Her mom has assured her that she is a princess.

I don’t know what to contend or do about it, though her vital with me is a pain in a neck. we have my possess 3 kids to collect adult after, a residence to clean, a father to caring for, and this immature lady is vital here for free. She won’t even purify a dish! What can we do?

— Had it Aunt

Dear Aunt: You don’t yield any backstory, or contend how or since this niece landed in your home, and so my answer is unequivocally straightforward.

Given your apparent and impassioned dislike for your niece, and a fact that this is your home, it is not good for possibly of we to cohabit.

I don’t know if your father has imposed this participation on you, or since we seem to miss a energy to control who lives with you, though a apparent answer is to give your niece a move-out date with a tiny foot behind it.

The fact that we don’t know what to contend or do about this creates we seem unable in your possess household, though if we are a adult who cooks, cleans, and manages a household, afterwards we competence have some-more energy than we think.

You seem utterly pacifist in terms of your expectations for your several family members. You are not a maid. You are a mom. There is a difference. You only need to comprehend it and be dauntless adequate to say, calmly, “This isn’t working. It’s time for we to find another place to live.”

If your niece unequivocally is a manipulative mastermind, she will find somewhere else to light. This should not be your problem, though her mom competence get involved.

Dear Amy: we am 55 and have cancer that can be treated though not cured.

I am a singular mom with dual girls in their late teens.

My mom is 85 and unequivocally independent. She is a mom who says, “I adore you” regularly, though has a tough time display it.

Since my illness, she has continued her inaction, and it hurts unequivocally much. She appears away to a whole emanate and only doesn’t seem able of being there in any clarity of a word.

She does compensate for medical losses we incur, so it seems that maybe she thinks this is enough.

Having cancer is a unequivocally formidable and waste illness and generally since we don’t have a father any longer, it would be good to have a mom on my side. we have told her we feel unsupported by her though zero changes. How do we come to grips with this and stop feeling so hurt?

— Needamom

Dear Needamom: I’m unequivocally contemptible we are going by this. It is healthy during this arrange of stressful, life-changing plea to wish some-more from your family members. However, we consider it is impractical to design your 85-year-old mom to puncture deep, conduct her possess anxiety, and give we some-more support.

In sequence for we to come to grips with her behavior, it competence assistance we to try to know this conditions from her indicate of view. Surely she is unequivocally disturbed about you. Exposing herself too closely to your illness and augury competence simply be some-more than she can handle.

You have already voiced your disappointment. we wish we have also voiced your thankfulness for her financial support.

You competence accept some-more of what we wish if we can give her a discernible task, such as concomitant we to treatment, or assisting to yield contented romantic fraternisation to your daughters while we are during appointments, or unwell.

Please find a assistance of a support group; your peers in illness and wellness will know some-more entirely what we competence need right now. Check with your hospital, cancer.org, or your internal cancer apparatus core for groups we competence join.

Dear Amy: we wanted to import in with an thought for “Want to be my Own Magic Wand,” concerning how to conflict sluggishness during home.

The approach we do it is to guarantee myself tiny rewards, once I’ve finished a chore. For instance, I’ll watch a favorite film after I’ve spotless a kitchen.

— Also Inert

Dear Also: we infrequently play a favorite film while I’m cleaning.


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