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Woman’s visits to aged give neighbor a creeps

Dear Amy: we live in a condo building that was formerly inhabited by many aged people who have given possibly upheld on, changed to retirement homes, or are in nursing facilities.

My neighbor has lived here longer than we have and creates a daily robe of visiting a former residents. This includes going to nursing and insanity caring facilities.

This strikes me as odd. I’m in my 60s and, frankly, we don’t know of anyone who visits a aged and noxious like this. She infrequently comments on their family situations.

Although we do not have any plain justification of indignity of these people or finagling to get their funds, we have a creepy feeling about it.

My doubt is, if we ever see justification that points to some wrongdoing, who do we contact? we don’t privately know these people or their families.

— Feeling a Creepiness

Dear Feeling: In my world, this arrange of function is called, “friendship.” And friendships — or neighborliness — doesn’t indispensably stop when people pierce away.

It does not strike me as peculiar to revisit aged or noxious people. It strikes me usually as kind, and it is something that some people do not usually since they are kind, though since they honestly like being with comparison people.

However, we wish to supplement a premonition — and it is an critical one. Whenever it concerns exposed people, such as children or a infirm, it is critical to follow your possess instincts. If we unequivocally trust this feeling is fit (and positively if we confront any tangible justification of wrongdoing), we should unequivocally act on it.

You can do an internet hunt for “adult protecting services” in your area, and share your concerns with a box worker. Information on elder abuse (and mention to stating resources) is also accessible from a National Eldercare Locator, a open use of a U.S. Administration on Aging. Call toll-free (800) 677-1116.

Dear Amy: Several years ago, my husband’s rich cousin indispensable some recuperation and caring after a vital surgery. We invited him to stay during a plantation home (no stairs). He spent a lot of time on a deck; we served him dishes and supposing him with nursing care.

This year he was between a sale of his aged home and squeeze of a new one, and he indispensable a place to stay for 6 weeks. Again, we supposing him with all meals, his possess room and bathroom.

After about dual weeks we motionless to squeeze a punch during a internal eatery after work. We asked if he wanted to come with us, and he agreed.

After a good dish (complete with wine), a check came. We were repelled when he stranded his hands in his pockets, not even charity to compensate for his possess cooking or a tip.

How can we mount to be nearby him during family functions, meaningful how he took advantage of a liberality and meaningful how inexpensive he is?

— Out of Answers

Dear Out of Answers: People can unequivocally usually take advantage of we if we let them. In this case, your munificence to this cousin during his illness was met with another ask and serve generosity.

You could call him out on his behavior, while holding shortcoming for your own. You and your father should find a approach to express: “Dear cousin, we have twice given we shelter, food and comfort caring when we indispensable it. We were happy to do it. But you’ve never reciprocated or voiced thankfulness for a generosity. We’re giving we a heads-up that a subsequent time we need assistance, you’re going to have to find it elsewhere.”

That ungainly feeling during family gatherings — should be his.

Dear Amy: I could not trust your stupid greeting to “There’s No Place Like (the Beach) Home,” per a sister who had bought a family’s vacation residence and wanted to assign her adult siblings per night lease for their summer stay. Do we have any thought of how costly it is to possess a vacation house? Why should these siblings design to freeload for their summer vacation?

— Disgusted

Dear Disgusted: The sister already owns and maintains a residence as a second home. It is no some-more costly to have guest there than not, positively when these guest are family members who are bringing food and doing upkeep work around a place during their brief stay.

However, a sister owns a residence and is totally within her rights to assign rent, and her family can possibly take it or leave it, that was a hint of my advice.


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