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Dangerously cheesy? Cheetos pop-up grill opens in NYC [Photos]

NEW YORK — The association behind Fritos and Tostitos is celebrating a Cheetos code with a three-day pop-up grill clinging to a cheesy puffed cornmeal break that coats your hands with orange dust.

The Spotted Cheetah non-stop Tuesday in New York’s Tribeca community with an all-Cheetos menu grown by Food Network celebrity Anne Burrell.

Ryan Matiyow, a selling manager for Frito-Lay, says a association beheld that Cheetos fans were posting their possess recipes incorporating a crunchy provide on amicable media.

Burrell’s menu uses crumbled Cheetos in a breading on duck Milanese and boiled immature tomatoes. Desserts underline a cinnamon sugarine Cheetos product famous as Sweetos.

Burrell says she worked tough to incorporate Cheetos into each plate and not only say, “Oh here’s a plate with a shower of Cheetos on top.”

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