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Craft drink brewing appurtenance hops into Canadian market

TORONTO – Think of it as a Keurig for beer.

George Dyke is sitting in Louis Cifer, a bar on a Danforth. Behind him are 1,000-litre hulk copper tanks churning out their possess decoction batches. But on a list is Dykes possess mini-brewery PicoBrew that can fit on a list hes sitting at.

This appurtenance allows we to go out and source your possess grains and hops, put them in a appurtenance and in 4.5 hours, decoction a categorical brewing routine of beer, pronounced Dyke, a Toronto-based principal financier of PicoBrew, a new home apparatus that allows drink lovers to make their possess decoction during home in 7 to 10 days. And afterwards get it into a small keg to perturbation and afterwards send into a portion keg to serve.

The organisation is now expanding into Canada. The hops and grains come in a compress PicoPak package. The homebrewer simply drops a essence in a machine, adds H2O and pushes a start button.

Two hours later, a drink is brewed and eliminated into an outmost fermenting keg. Different PicoPaks offer singular flavours, such as Kombucha and concede a ability to emanate a gluten-reduced beer.

You could be doing a new drink each 3 hours if we have opposite vessels to store your beer, pronounced Dyke. We offer a mutation on this machine. And we offer beers we usually cant find during a LCBO or a Beer Store.

Because were partnering with breweries around a world, we get to select those beers on a marketplace website and good broach those beers to your doorway as PicoPaks, he added.

Some 15 Canadian microbreweries including Louis Cifer, Duggans Brewery, Granite Brewery and Indie Ale House in Toronto also use PicoBrew to save time contrast commander batches.

A Kickstarter debate for consumer-grade PicoBrew machines launched 3 weeks ago fast collected movement and surfaced $1.5 million US. It is already a fifth many successful food crowdfunding plan on a site of all time. The product will boat out to Canadians commencement in August.

For a singular brew, it creates scarcely 9.5 litres of drink each time. The appurtenance appeals to qualification drink hobbyists who have a palette and genuine appreciation for beer, explained Dyke.

Originally, there was a marketplace for people who were home brewing, he said. It was a genuine con to do it. They wanted something that was a lot some-more compress and didnt have all a pots and kettles to it. With PicoBrew, theres no in art in scrubbing. You can usually put it in a dishwasher and get it cleaned.

But it does come during a cost during $549 US ($949 CDN). A some-more veteran indication is labelled during $799US ($1249 CDN).

Ken Woods of Black Oak Brewing Co., and a member of a Ontario Craft Brewers association, pronounced he doesnt unequivocally see these home brewing machines as competition.

Its kind of like a Keurigs have they taken down Tim Hortons? we dont consider a unequivocally had an outcome on things, he said. It also brings some-more people into a marketplace since they wish to try something different. Maybe someone around a universe can pull a symbol and get one of a dark ales. Its interesting, though marry cite to make it ourselves and let people suffer them during a bars, a LCBO and Beer Stores and grocery stores.

Woods also cautioned on a cleanliness of homebrewing.

If we dont keep it purify and say it properly, we could have critical issues. A lot of people forget were not a usually ones that like beer. Anything bad like mold and funguses can grow. If we decoction something that tastes bad, youll get feedback immediately.


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