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McDonald’s fetes anniversary with burger bargain

McDonald’s restaurants opposite Canada are celebrating a company’s 50th anniversary in Canada with an offer of inexpensive hamburgers for a vast partial of Wednesday.

This might be a usually eventuality of a summer that isn’t perplexing to hitch on a Canada 150 parade.

The red-and-white proclamation does demeanour a small like a Canada 150 event. But really, this is a McDonald’s eventuality — a 50th anniversary of a attainment in Canada, when a grill non-stop in Richmond, BC.

A classical hamburger (not a Big Mac, not a Quarter Pounder) costs 67 cents, given a sequence came here in 1967. But a taxation is extra. Symbolism contingency crawl before a HST.

The understanding is on from 11 a.m. to 7 p.m. Wednesday. There’s a extent of 3 to a customer.

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