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Paula Deen’s grill bombs health inspection

If Paula Deen’s extremist rants weren’t adequate to shock divided customers, RadarOnline.com has schooled that her flagship grill in Savannah only got strike with a nasty “C” by internal health inspectors.

Deen’s first-ever restaurant, The Lady Sons, has carried an “A” class for several years. But during an review on Mar 27, 2017, inspectors found several violations of internal code.

According to annals performed by Radar, there was no “person in charge” benefaction during a time of their investigation.

Food was not “separated and protected,” and food-contact surfaces were not “cleaned and sanitized.”

Deen was also dinged for a miss of “proper cooling time and temperature.”

As Radar reported, The Lady Sons took a strike after Deen’s injustice liaison in 2013, when she was suggested to have used a ‘N’ word in bomb justice papers exclusively performed by Radar.

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