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Dating attribute ends in slander

Dear Amy: I’ve been dating a lady for about 6 months now. We started dating shortly after what we suspicion was her central dissection with her ex-boyfriend. She changed out of a residence she common with him and changed in with a co-worker of mine.

I only found out that she never pennyless adult with her boyfriend. He apparently thinks they are “just reckoning things out.”

When we initial started observant any other we suggested we accidentally date other people since she only got out of a relationship. She told me she wants me and doesn’t need anyone else.

I’ve also recently found out that she has during slightest dual other lovers — these are people she was observant while in her before relationship.

I told her we don’t wish to date her anymore, and she suggested that we only have a passionate relationship. we declined, and now she’s revelation people we abused her.

I try to stay away, though when a lady says something like that, it becomes “fact” in everyone’s mind.

Help me! we have no thought what to do.

— Hurting

Dear Hurting: How quick can we run? Strap on your lane boots and get (and stay) divided from this one-woman wrecking ball.

Her idea that we dual should segue from an romantic attribute into a sex-only attribute seems to violate your possess values and standards. And this — and her greeting to your rejecting — says all we need to know about her.

You need to answer any indictment sensitively by observant — to a prosecution — “You know that that is simply not true.” Then apart from this chairman immediately. Disconnect from her on all amicable media, and intentionally equivocate carrying any personal or phone hit with her — or by other people.

Friends of yours will not automatically trust a fake accusation. You should residence it directly by saying, “This is positively not true.” Avoid trashing her (this could expand her accusations), though do say, “She and we have opposite ideas about how to have a relationship.”

If we feel this slander has legs, and if it is carrying a disastrous impact on your other relationships, your repute and your work, we should see a lawyer. These lies competence be legally actionable.

Dear Amy: we have a crony with whom we have been tighten for about 15 years. we am 46 years old, infirm and we live in my parents’ isolated garage, that they have fashioned into an unit for me.

I can't work full time since of my condition.

I work partial time from home, compensate my possess bills, buy my possess groceries and buy my possess clothes, etc.

My problem is that my friend’s mom hates and resents a fact that we still live with my parents.

Every time she sees me she screams during me that we am marred and have no right to be here.

She feels that we am holding advantage of my parents. Besides a fact that my vital arrangements are nothing of her business, it irritates me when she says this stuff, when after her attribute with my friend’s father soured and he kicked her out of a house, she changed in with her father and he converted a second story of his home into an unit for her!

I wish to roar during her and contend that my attribute with my relatives is nothing of her business, though I’m fearful that this will cost me my attribute with my dear friend.

I equivocate her as most as possible, though we fundamentally cranky paths sometimes. What can we do?

— Aggravated

Dear Aggravated: Avoidance is your best defense. You can also verbally evasion this chairman when we confront her.

Sometimes people roar a loudest about problems they themselves have. This could be one of those times. Your friend’s mom competence be perplexing to send her possess child a message; regardless of her motivation, she should not verbally conflict you.

If we confront this lady and she starts in, we should never, ever, roar back. Let some overpower build (silence creates screamers unequivocally uncomfortable). And afterwards we can take a exhale and say, quietly, “Um, respectfully, my vital conditions and attribute with my possess relatives is unequivocally nothing of your concern. We’re good.”


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