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Daughter’s response to life-change should be ‘Yes, and’

Dear Amy: My 27-year-old daughter, “Zoey,” was only laid off from her IT pursuit out west and now she would like to pursue her long-cherished dream of apropos a comedy writer/performer on stage.

She has no debt, income in a bank and a good start on her 401(k).

She achieved when she was in school, and a executive suspicion she was utterly gifted during a time (and is utterly a celebrity now), though she didn’t consider severely of going into comedy then.

Zoey went a “safe” track and got a mechanism programming grade and has excelled during all she has tried. But she is not happy.

I support her preference to try something different, though would like her to get some sound advice. We don’t know where to go, and have motionless to spin to you.

She is acquire to live here with me in a Chicago area to save some money, if she wants.

Obviously, we know she’s going to have an ascending conflict with this career change, though we trust that given she’s not married and has no responsibilities (other than herself), this is a best time to try it. Have any ideas?

— Zoey’s Mom

Dear Mom: The initial order of improvisational comedy is to respond to on-stage hurdles with, “Yes, and…” This is your daughter’s “Yes, and” opportunity. None of us unequivocally knows what hurdles distortion ahead, and to some grade life is one extensive — infrequently comedic — improvisation.

So I’m with you. Zoey should go for it. we competence not offer a same recommendation if she weren’t already solvent, singular and with a understanding parent.

Chicago is a best place in a universe to learn, rise and practice her comedy chops. The Second City empire, that was innate and thrives in Chicago, offers good opportunities for holding classes. The comedy and improv stage provides a colourful and target-rich environment.

Your daughter should get (at least) a part-time day pursuit and keep adult her IT skills while she is posterior her new career. She should also work on her essay skills, and join an online or in-person essay group.

It can take years to turn a self-sustaining behaving professional, though we can’t suppose she would ever bewail leaping into this eventuality and responding with a resounding “Yes, and…”

If we and your daughter haven’t review it yet, we will both suffer Amy Poehler’s desirable memoir, “Yes, Please,” (2015, Dey Street Books).

I’m pulling for her.

Dear Amy: My ex and we have been detached for several years.

Things did not finish good between us, and we am finally feeling “over” a attribute and means to pierce on.

Mutual out-of-state friends are going to be visiting in-state this summer. They emailed a organisation of us that they would like to get together. Both my ex and we were enclosed in a organisation email.

I haven’t responded yet. we would adore to see my friends, though we don’t have a enterprise to free aged wounds and see these friends along with my ex.

Mutual friends enclosed in a email have responded that they would get together on a certain date. My ex has not responded that we know of.

Any suggestions?

It took me a prolonged time to get over a really bad situation. we am excellent with my mutual friends being during an eventuality with my ex, though we know we can’t do it.

What do we consider we should do?

— Recovered Ex

Dear Recovered: I consider we should respond to a organisation that we intend to go and that we are looking brazen to it. If your ex becomes wakeful of this and responds that he will also go, we will have a choice to make. Sometimes, it can both allege and infer your ongoing liberation to make a integrity not to let this attribute control your possess amicable choices. However, if you’re not ready, or simply don’t wish to face a stress of this sold hurdle, we should not have to clear a last-minute preference not to attend.

Even if we do attend, we should build in an shun induce in box your ex chooses to uncover adult and we don’t wish to stay.


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