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Guys, stop promulgation women photos of your willie

Relationship solicitor Richard Lee has some news for we about group — many of it bad.

Lee, 31, is a author of Stop Sending Me D*ck Pics, an eye-opening beam to a approach group consider about women.

Despite a comical title, Lee’s book is an aspiring try to uncover women what motivates group and what adds to, or detracts from, their relationships.

After a crony confessed to him that she unequivocally didn’t know group and wished there was a elementary beam to how group consider when they are single, married or divorced, Lee motionless that this was a book he could write.

For research, he interviewed dozens of group — some in relationships, some not — and also drew on his possess experiences.

The revelations in his book, he confesses, “May have damaged a bro code.”

Stop Sending Me D*ck Pics covers a satisfactory volume of belligerent over 6 chapters, that Lee calls 6 “doors” he’s unlocking.

Here’s a sampling of what Lee wants women to know:

— Men consider about carrying sex with all a women in their lives all a time, yes, including that waitress they usually met once.

— You can't change a man, so don’t worry trying. In particular, equivocate phlegmatic group and group who indulge in self-pity. You can’t change a crook like this, and in a end, he’ll hurt you, too.

— Single group are like chameleons. They’ll turn whatever or whomever we wish in sequence to get we into bed.

— Married group are not defence to intrigue and that is given married group are still men.

— If a male won’t let we demeanour during his phone or his amicable media sites, he’s cheating.

— Contemporary multitude creates intrigue easy.

— Whatever we endure when you’re dating him will usually expand once you’ve married him.

— Men are emotionally opportunistic and will take advantage of a woman’s vulnerability.

— Women in their 30s who wish a attribute and children are easy chase for men. They know your biological time is ticking and they know how to manipulate you.

There’s a lot some-more in Lee’s book, though it’s indeed not all dire. His final section is about progressing wish in a attribute diversion and relocating past breakups or divorce.

Lee, himself divorced during 27, concedes that certain amicable change and equivalence for women is an component in a poise of contemporary men.

“We’re not there nonetheless in terms of loyal equal rights,” he says, “but even so, a lot of group don’t know how to cope with eccentric women.

“And a lot of group are intimidated by successful women.”

Lee is not one of those men. His love for women comes by shrill and transparent in his book, and his honour for his mom — who lifted him and his dual comparison brothers on her own, following a divorce — is another idea that he’s that singular male who indeed likes women.

Toronto innate and raised, Lee found success with his initial book, Get Onboard, and has a third book in a works. It will be published after this year.

He says he has been a author given childhood. That’s when he started gripping a journal, “As a approach to put my emotions on paper.”

A childish aspiration to play in a NBA led him to college round in a U.S., where essay his journals helped with loneliness. Sidelined by a injury, he eventually came behind to Toronto and found work in a movement industry.

But, luckily, he never stopped writing.


The pretension for Lee’s book, Stop Sending Me D*ck Pics, came about after a lady crony showed a author her phone. She was annoyed.

“She showed me a print of a penis on her phone and said, ‘Why do group send cinema like this? Do they consider this is enticing?!’ we wondered how many other women had perceived cinema like this, from group meditative it would awaken them. But it usually turns them off.”

Lee creates a indicate in his book of explaining how group are visible beings.

A male works with his eyes initial and his emotions second, he reports.

“I never listened a male say, ‘She has a smashing heart’, when he initial sees a woman.”

And so group send those photos meditative women are further visually oriented. They assume a lady they’re captivated to will be usually as penetrating to demeanour during insinuate photos as they are: Wrong.

Most men, he says, come to bewail promulgation those photos.

Meanwhile, if we sequence Stop Sending Me D*ck Pics — a book Lee playfully advises is for women readers usually — be prepared for a common pitfalls of self-publishing. The book has a satisfactory share of spelling and syntax issues, though Lee’s voice comes by shrill and transparent regardless.

There’s copiousness of knowledge in there and some of a insights are pristine gold.

Just don’t be astounded if we have to puncture a bit for a nuggets.

You can sequence a book from Amazon http://amzn.to/2qM5LnK. You can strech Lee’s attribute conference use during wlee.institution@gmail.com.


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