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Tinder and softball: They indeed have some-more in common than we think

May outlines a special time in my calendar — it’s a start of softball season, that in my universe is a many smashing time of a year.

This year however, May also noted my lapse to Tinder after a four-year hiatus.

Why did we renounce myself to regulating an app we have so mostly done adverse remarks about?

Two reasons.

One, Tinder no longer requires we to have a Facebook account, and two, we mislaid a bet.


My reemergence into a appropriate diversion was done acceptable when we satisfied a similarities between it and a softball game.

In ball, it comes down to dual forms of pitches — you’ve possibly got a ball, or a strike.

Looking over profiles and determining on a left or right appropriate is fundamentally what you’re doing when you’re station in a batters box and staring down a pitcher, watchful to see if what he’s throwing we is value overhanging during or not.

Sometimes, notwithstanding a many ideal of pitches, we pitch and skip (you swiped right though he didn’t).

But let me tell we – there is no feeling some-more acceptable than when that turn comes right down a center and we bond to it with a gratifying moment of a bat, promulgation shivers adult your arms (congratulations, we have a match!).

Despite that, a tie doesn’t indispensably meant you’re that going anywhere (I now have several matches with whom we have nonetheless to share a singular summary with).

Was there adequate energy off your pitch to line expostulate a turn past a shortstop?

Or did it throw into a third baseman’s glove, call an out before we even had a possibility to make it to initial base?


Both dating and softball are games commanded wholly by circumstance.

If bases were to paint dates, removing to initial is wholly adult to you, a batter, and once you’re safely there is when a diversion starts to get interesting.

Your subsequent step is now predicated on a series of factors — how many outs are there?

Is your bottom manager revelation we to run or tab up?

If we make it to second, and there are no outs and no force, we can hang out there for as prolonged or as you’d like, watchful for a right play so that we can simply lope your approach into third, or turn it and go home (provided a bottom manager waves we through).


With dating however, for some reason second has turn a bottom where you’re always station with dual outs on a force, prepared to run on anything.

Even if a play is complete crap, you’re still going for third.

Where has all this vigour unexpected come from to try and measure on anything? 

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