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Queen Elizabeth’s favourite treats might warn you

What Queen Elizabeth wants, Queen Elizabeth gets.

A new news suggests that a long-reigning sovereign has some-more walking tastes in food stuffs than you’d think.

In a U.K., companies that supply a Queen and a royals for 5 years out of 7 are rewarded with a stately warrant. It is a symbol of excellence.

And what does her sovereignty like to guzzle and nip on?

– Coca-Cola

– Tabasco sauce

– Walkers shortbread biscuits

– Charbonnel et Walker oppulance chocolates

– Cadbury and Nestle also have warrants

– Twinings tea

But her favourite honeyed provide is a homemade chocolate biscuit cake done by a stately chefs.

The Queen is also apparently an backer of Champagne, with 7 brands holding stately warrants, including Bollinger, Krug, and GH Mumm CIE.

Her sovereignty is famous to suffer a peculiar booze as well. Tanqueray solitaire is a favourite, along with Pimm’s, Bulmer cider, Bacardi Martini, and Johnny Walker whisky.

She also favours Special K, Quaker Oats and Weetabix.  

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