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Rise of a Queen

Queen Elizabeth II has reigned longer than any sovereign in British history. Born Elizabeth Alexandra Mary into a House of Windsor on Apr 21, 1926, she was third in a line of period to a bench and was not approaching to rule. When her uncle Edward, Prince of Wales, abdicated after his offer to marry divorced American socialite Wallis Simpson annoyed a inherent crisis.

Edward’s brother, Albert Frederick Arthur George became King George VI and when he grew ill from lung cancer and other ailments and died in Feb 1952, Elizabeth ascended to a bench and was crowned in June, 1953. Elizabeth is a Queen of Canada, Head of a Commonwealth and has done 22 central Royal Visits to this country.

Britain and Canada have altered profoundly underneath Queen Elizabeth, and she has served both nations as Monarch and a purpose indication of open use and common values.

In a radio promote when she was 21, and before holding a throne, she said: “I announce before we all that my whole life, either it be prolonged or short, shall be clinging to your use and a use of the good majestic family to that we all belong.”


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