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Cats on yoga mats in Edmonton cafe

Bring on a elastic Lululemon lint brushes — an Edmonton coffee emporium has assimilated a general disturb for cat yoga.

Seven fans of a ancient Indian use of Hatha yoga were in a Cat Cafe on Whyte Saturday to share their mats, arms and shoulders with 10 bushy supporters of a ancient sly practices of sleeping, scampering and staring. 

“This category is unequivocally relaxed, obviously, since there are cats everywhere. People will come into a poise and there’s a cat on your stomach,” pronounced Angie Clark, who led a organisation by an hour that enclosed a cat poise and downward cat.

“If we did puppy yoga, it would get unequivocally disorderly and furious and weird. Cats only hang out, and if they wish to compensate courtesy to you, they will.”

Cat yoga has turn some-more appealing than a round of chronicle in cities around a world, including classes during a Edmonton Humane Society.

Sisters Jessica and Megan Voelker, holding partial for a initial time, adore a thought since it involves, well, yoga and cats.

“At one indicate one of them was sitting on my path as we was perplexing to transition, and he transitioned with me,” Megan said.

“He only got adult on my back. They’re flattering easy to cover … (My cat) gets some-more in a approach when I’m doing yoga. She will only meow and roar in my face.”

But Clark, who as a YEG Yogi teaches during such surprising venues as rooftops and a downtown restaurant, pronounced she infrequently has to explain accurately what “cat yoga” means.

“When we tell people about it, they contend ‘You’re training cats yoga?’ No! People!”

The thought came from staff during a Cat Cafe, that non-stop in Mar during 10111 82 Ave. to give pet lovers a place to hang out with Puss while sipping a meowcha or kittea.


(Left to right) Assistant manager Jess Lussier, owners Vivian Deng and cat nanny Cecily Perry poise for a print in a cafeteria side of Cat Cafe on Whyte in Edmonton on Saturday, Jun 3, 2017. Ian Kucerak / Postmedia

Customers compensate $15 for drinks and an hour in a cat lounge, a apart space from a portion area with easy chairs, couches, scratching posts and shelves for a animals to stand that reason little cat-sized beds and house games such as Cat-Opoly and The Crazy Cat Lady.

There’s a private no-humans unit in a back. 

Vivian Deng, who owns a cafeteria with father Fei Xie, pronounced she has visited identical operations in Canada, Asia and a United States, and wanted to be a initial to run a full-time chronicle in Edmonton.

The locally done coffee, treats and cat merch attracts hundreds of business a day, including Red Hot Chili Peppers Flea and Anthony Kiedis, who bought espressos when they were in Edmonton to perform May 28.

The trickery is also a approach to find owners for neglected animals. The cats come from a proffer Safe Team rescue organisation and are all authorised for adoption — so distant Griswold, Franklyn, Tracker and 22 others have left to new homes.

“In a shelter, people can’t get a possibility to correlate with them and see what their genuine celebrity is. Here it’s like your home,” pronounced Deng, who owns a dog and a ragdoll cat named Lemon.

Caring for all those cats isn’t cheap. Deng estimates grooming, feeding and other works costs during slightest $200 a day only for labour, yet even yet some people consider it’s a crazy business she feels a bid is worthwhile.

“This is good when people can’t have their possess cats, when their landlord doesn’t determine with them carrying cats, or if they have a room-mate who has an allergy or if they’re vital a bustling life.” 




Tinker a cat visits with Megan Voelker during cat yoga put on by YEG Yogi instructor Angie Clark during Cat Cafe on Whyte in Edmonton on Saturday, Jun 3, 2017.

Tinker a cat visits during cat yoga put on by YEG Yogi instructor Angie Clark during Cat Cafe on Whyte in Edmonton on Saturday, Jun 3, 2017.

Cats Barney (left) and James revisit with Arran Chambers during cat yoga put on by YEG Yogi instructor Angie Clark during Cat Cafe on Whyte in Edmonton on Saturday, Jun 3, 2017.

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