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Go Fetch, a Airbnb for dogs, launches in Edmonton

It was usually a matter of time. 

Canadians are spending some-more income on their pets than ever before, and record continues to overturn the standing quo on bland tasks, from engagement taxis with Uber to hotels with Airbnb.

Go Fetch, a Vancouver-based company, is a latest startup to enter Edmonton’s flourishing marketplace for relating dog owners with sitters regulating a Airbnb model.

“It’s a billion-dollar industry, and one that is nowhere near maturity. Tech invasion is unequivocally low,” Willson Cross, a company’s co-founder, pronounced Tuesday. “The marketplace is large — over 63 per cent of Canadian households possess a pet.” 

According to a American Pet Products Association, North Americans spent some-more than $66 billion on their pets in 2016, a year Go Fetch launched. With pet tenure in North America experiencing a 111 per cent boost given 2001, Cross saw an event to facilitate an mostly unpleasant routine for dog owners acid for solutions when they travel.

“We felt that anticipating dog caring in Canada was not an easy thing to do. You have Craigslist, though we don’t unequivocally know a peculiarity of caring you’re removing with a stranger,” Cross said. “We wanted to make a height that dog owners can find trusted, amatory care, and we’re saying implausible direct for that in Edmonton.” 

Dozens of internal dog sitters already have profiles on a American website Rover, that provides a matching service. Browsing a Go Fetch website offers a scarcely matching knowledge to anticipating overnight accommodations on Airbnb.

Dog owners can hunt by a list of dog sitters orderly by location, a volume they assign per night or their user rating.

“We have a severe focus routine and usually accept about 15 per cent of applicants,” Cross said. “(Being) dog lovers is a No. 1 criteria. We oldster with genuine humans and technology, and we demeanour during a many granular things, such as peculiarity of past knowledge with dog care.”

One of a 3 Edmonton sitters authorized for a site is Mildred Thill, whose form proclaims that dogs in her Old Strathcona neighbourhood know her as “she who scratches a bellies.” 

Thill jumped at the event to horde pets on a unchanging basis. 

“I’m not looking during it as a approach to make money; we only suspicion it would be fun,” she said. “Dogs unequivocally like me, and we like to learn them small tricks.”

For $25 per night, Thill advertises she will take them on walks twice per day in Mill Creek Ravine, provide potty breaks each dual to 4 hours and even discharge medicine.

She described Go Fetch’s vetting routine as sincerely rigorous, carrying to endorse her temperament by Facebook, a driver’s licence and a amicable word number. 

For $35 per night, Alyssa from a northwest finish of a city offers doggy baths and a home with atmosphere conditioning, while Jill in a Beverly area offers a doggy daycare starting during $12 for a half day. 

“Our use is unequivocally customer-centric, we are always in hold with a sitters and reviewing their opening since a tip priority is providing a safest and many infallible sitters,” Cross said. “We wish to give that peace of mind to all dog owners.”

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