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‘Urine is a cure-for-all’; British father loses 112 pounds celebration his possess pee

Urine is a series one splash on this man’s libation list.

A man from Essex County, England claims that celebration his possess urine has helped him strew some weight.

Dave Murphy, 54, pronounced his special “urine therapy” has helped him remove 112 pounds. According to U.K.’s Metro News, Murphy spent 30 days in 2012 celebration his possess pee.

Murphy told a news opening he used to splash a potion physique rubbish cold after vouchsafing it cold in a fridge though now downs it warm, twice daily.

“After celebration my urine, we feel healthier and fitter than I’ve ever finished before and I’ve mislaid 8 mill (112 pounds) in weight,” pronounced Murphy, a father of dual adult children.

Since celebration his initial potion of pee, Murphy pronounced he’s beheld a lot of improvements. Besides a weight loss, Murphy pronounced he has a lot some-more appetite and his bowel movements have improved.

The male also claims he’s saved income on food costs since of all a urine he’s consumed. He’s also used his possess pee as a moisturizer and face wash.

Murphy pronounced pee is also an anti-aging agent.

“Urine is a cure-for-all. If people could only change their genius and preconceptions about this therapy, afterwards anyone can feel a outrageous benefits,” he said. 

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