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Calgary family of small Greta Marofke holding out wish as cancer spreads

Options are apropos wanting for small Greta Marofke who’s been battling cancer for almost two years — but her family stays hopeful. 

Tumours that seemed on a 3 year old’s lungs in June, after a successful liver transplant, have given grown and double notwithstanding ongoing chemotherapy treatments. 

“It means we are reaching a finish of a options for Greta,” pronounced her mom Lindsey Marofke. 

“While I’m carefree something can change, I’m also a realist so I’m only perplexing to suffer a family, Greta and us all together as many as we can.”

The family is holding a camping outing this weekend while Greta stays energetic. Despite a harmful results, Marofke pronounced a lady isn’t feeling a symptoms of a tumours nonetheless and “has a many appetite she’s had in months.” 

It’s been a extensive conflict for Greta. 

She was diagnosed with a singular liver cancer called Hepatoblastoma in 2015. The cancer affects reduction than one in a million children and Greta has undergone countless rounds of chemotherapy, operations and a liver transplant in May following a diagnosis. 

Since Greta’s story was done public, she has overwhelmed a hearts of many, not only in Calgary though opposite North America. On a GoFundMe page called Greta’s Guardians lifted over $300,000 to support her diagnosis given Jan this year. 

“We’ve been in formidable spots off and on for a final dual years, and unfortunately it’s a feeling we get used to,” pronounced Marofke.

“We don’t know what a destiny holds, though nobody does. So (we) only hang on to those moments and make memories and reason on to a wish that we can find something that will work for her.” 

For Greta and her brother, a bad news is still unknown. 

“She knew creatively that she had cancer and indispensable a new liver, though we haven’t told her that it’s behind yet,” pronounced Marofke. “She’s so little, it’s tough for her to understand.”

Depending on a chemotherapy options, Marofke pronounced she competence have to tell her dual immature children. 

“We’re still going to try a few things though we’ve attempted all of a front line therapies for this form of cancer and they’re not working,” she said. “We’re only perplexing to get divided while we can and suffer any other.”  

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