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Meet Hanna Bohman, a Canadian G.I. Jane who’s fighting ISIS after fasten a YPJ’s revolution [Photos]

Canada’s G.I. Jane found value and definition inside one of a many dangerous areas on a planet.

Hanna Bohman’s plcae – “somewhere in Iraq or Syria,” she told a Toronto Sun progressing this month – stays a tip due to reserve concerns.

The 48-year-old self-described “badass” is behind in a Middle East for a third time given 2014 and volunteering with a YPJ, an all-female troops section in northern Syria that’s holding a two-pronged quarrel to ISIS while waging quarrel in a name of feminism.

“The series is about formulating an egalitarian society, with finish gender equality,” Bohman says. “The west should support (the YPJ).”

Female subjugation and organised marriages in tools of a Middle East were adequate to motivate a unemployed, former peddler from Vancouver to dig 3 years ago and support “the revolution.”

“I try not to consider too many about my friends who have died,” Bohman says from her undisclosed plcae in a war-torn region.

“I don’t have any issues with a bodies or tools of bodies I’ve seen yet — a bodies of ISIS, we mean. we feel no magnetism for them anymore.”

She recounts a new story of being a few metres divided from an ISIS view who’d parked his motorbike in front of her truck.

“I was going to get out and strike him out though my commander wasn’t assured he was (ISIS),” pronounced Bohman, adding her “instincts” sniffed out a enemy.

“No one looks that pissed off. He was arrested after during a checkpoint. My commander pronounced we should have run him over. we was pissed we didn’t.”

While a Canadian supervision doesn’t acquit a adults fasten abroad militias, Bohman reiterates it hasn’t finished anything to stop her.

Bohman says she’s turn friends with Canadian Security Intelligence Service agents, who are some-more meddlesome in receiving information on Canadians potentially fasten ISIS, a genocide cult focussed on destroying Western values.

But that still doesn’t explain since a ex-model substituted her engineer habit for army fatigues and military-grade weapons. She spends many of her days looking out for self-murder trucks.

“I didn’t feel like I’d finished anything worthwhile,” Bohman says. “I was meddlesome in quarrel photography. we wasn’t working.

“I’d been strike by a automobile during a summer and was laid off work. we had a time and a income to do what we had been meditative about doing.”

Bohman stumbled on a Facebook posting in 2014 called Lions of Rojava, a organisation named after an area in Syria’s Kurdish north where a YPJ operates.

The now gone amicable media page was assembled to yield information for western volunteers who were looking join a quarrel for equality. It would finish with Bohman, one of 9 unfamiliar womanlike fighters, being smuggled into a region.

She’s also wakeful of an Italian, a Brit, one Pole, dual Swedes and 4 Canadians joining arms with a proffer army.

Each or them surrendered some-more gentle lifestyles and family ties to take a quarrel to ISIS.

But Canada’s G.I. Jane says family members’ concerns are of no matter. Her mom once pronounced she’d join a means if she was younger.

To those doubt her sanity, Bohman has transparent and obvious response: “They can siphon on their privilege.

“It’s easy to decider from a reserve of their sofa, servile in their gluttony,” Bohman adds. “Those same s—s will be a initial ones to b—- when a quarrel gets bigger.

“People in a west don’t know a law here since western media doesn’t news it: ISIS is upheld by Turkey.”

Bohman’s claims opposite Turkey are quarrelsome and disputed. She also claims Turkish authorities have labelled her a militant and are sport her for what she supports.

“The personality of (our) series said, ‘No multitude can be giveaway unless it’s women are free,’” Bohman adds. “This is what a YPG and a YPJ are fighting for. They wish to be partial of a complicated world…They are fighting for a truly approved multitude – a bottom-up democracy.”

They’re battling for all Bohman left behind in British Columbia.

“This isn’t one racial organisation fighting for control over another,” Bohman says. “This is a series – a genuine revolution.”

It’s a quarrel some trust is value failing for.


Hanna Bohman refers to mentions of her brief modelling career as small some-more than a ploy for online page views.

Profiles worldwide have described Bohman as a glamorous indication who exchanged voluptuous print shoots for RPGs.

Not so, she told a Toronto Sun.

“That’s been used as clickbait,” Bohman pronounced of a stories joining a 48-year-old to a budding modelling career.

“I dabbled in modelling about 15 years ago though didn’t like a kind of photos we was being asked to do.”

However, Bohman’s passion for photography eventually is what helped hint her enterprise to transport to a Middle East.

“I had wanted to transport though hadn’t,” she said. “I was meddlesome in quarrel photography, also. My devise was to hide and request life within a YPJ (Women’s Protection Unites).”

Bohman pronounced if a YPJ and a women’s series is to succeed, it will need general support.

Bohman’s strange devise was to use photography to assistance humanize a Kurdish onslaught for gender equality.

“Everyone thinks this is a quarrel opposite ISIS though in reality, it’s many bigger.”

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