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Annual Cariwest Festival celebrates fair enlightenment in Edmonton

Caribbean enlightenment flowed by a streets of downtown Edmonton Saturday afternoon as a annual Great Parade done a approach down Jasper Ave.

The march is a normal partial of a annual Cariwest Festival. An Edmonton tack for some-more than 30 years, Cariwest allows Caribbean Canadians to share their music, food and fair culture.

“This is a chronological eventuality in Edmonton,” Joseph Roberts, who is from Trinidad, said. “Every year people are removing some-more associating about what a Caribbean enlightenment is all about. Freedom to demonstrate yourself, and suffer yourself.”

The Cariwest Festival runs from Aug 11th to Aug 13th. It was founded by a Western Carnival Development Association, to concede Caribbean Canadians to applaud and share their food, song and fair culture.

Kamika is partial of a Calgary-based dance unit called Psychotic Mass, and has been entrance to a eventuality for over a decade. As a non-Caribbean Canadian who enjoys a festival, it still has a lot of definition for her.

“I wasn’t even a partial of this culture, and we feel like I’m so indulged in it that it’s like my possess enlightenment now,” Kamika explained. “It’s unequivocally only about loving, carrying fun, being furious on a road, and not caring what anybody thinks.”

 “Just carrying a many fun that we could presumably have.”

The Caribbean Village, located in Churchill Square, will be open from noon to 11 p.m. Sunday. You can play a diversion of cards or dominoes while enjoying Soca, Reggae and Calypso music.

Kamisha, whose relatives are from Grenada, knows Caribbean Canadians minister to farrago and enlightenment in Edmonton.

“We move a awesomeness,” she said. “We have good food, good culture, and good people. We share a lot of a same values as Canada. So bringing that all together only helps us be some-more different and some-more of a community.”

“It’s really, unequivocally fun. It’s unequivocally good to be means to bond with your culture. Especially since I’m not from there. So this is a approach of feeling during home but being during home.”

Local artists will be behaving all day Sunday, and we can “Represent” by wearing a colours of your favourite Caribbean destination.

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