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Aaron Carter accuses hermit Nick of ‘kicking me while I’m down’ after arrest

Aaron Carter has bloody his hermit Nick for promulgation him a understanding chatter rather than phoning him after he was arrested over a weekend.

The we Want Candy thespian was arrested on charges of pushing underneath a change (DUI) and possession of marijuana, with reports suggesting he was held with reduction than one unit of a drug and drug-related objects by Habersham County military officials. He allegedly refused a breathalyser exam during a stage and was taken into custody.

Following a scandal, Aaron’s 37-year-old Backstreet Boys star hermit Nick took to Twitter on Sunday to write: “To my brother: we adore u no matter what if u feel a need to strech for help, we am here and peaceful to assistance we get better.”

However, a summary didn’t go down too good with Aaron, who questioned Nick’s motives for creation such a open matter of support.

“If my possess blood (Nick) truly cared about my well-being, because wouldn’t he call me directly and have a review instead of creation this about him by a really open forum?” Aaron told Entertainment Tonight around his spokesperson. “That’s not cold during all to use me for his PR and flog me while we am down.”

The comments come as Aaron’s deputy also strike behind following a DUI, observant that a thespian felt he had been targeted by military due to his fame.

“The video from Auto Zone will infer that Aaron was not in a relocating automobile while arrested and charged with a DUI,” a orator pronounced in a statement.

“He feels his ‘celebrity’ was targeted and an profession will be defended in this matter.”

Meanwhile, a video has emerged that Aaron done only 5 days before his arrest, in that he bragged about not carrying any DUI arrests.

As he walked by a automobile park in Tampa, Florida, with partner Madison Parker, who was also charged with possession of pot and deterrent of law coercion officers following a incident, Aaron said: “You won’t locate me removing any DUIs!”  

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