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‘Happy Death Day’ review: Recycling a comedy classic

Here’s a elementary – and potentially chilling – concept: What if someone remade “Groundhog Day,” in that a TV weatherman relives a same day over and over, as a fear movie?

Director Christopher Landon (“Paranormal Activity: The Marked Ones”) and author Scott Lobdell (of TV’s “X-Men” series) have finished only that, profitable lustful loyalty to Harold Ramis’ 1993 comedy classical with a story of a college tyro who contingency go by a day she’s murdered, again and again. Sadly, “Happy Death Day” proves that a crafty idea is unsuitable to horror.

Set during a illusory Louisiana university, a film opens on Tree (Jessica Rothe of “La La Land”), a renouned sorority lady who wakes adult on her birthday to find that she has spent a night with – pant – an unpopular boy, whose name she doesn’t even remember (Israel Broussard).

From Tree’s smug, dismissive interactions with associate students and former bedmates, it’s transparent she isn’t a good person. Later that evening, as students ramble around campus wearing masks fashioned after a school’s unusual tot mascot, a masked, hooded assailant stalks and kills Tree. Just during a impulse of death, she wakes adult in a boy’s bed, vital by a same day, until she is killed by a same attacker.

Slaughter, rinse, repeat.

Like a impression in a PG-13 after-school special, Tree comes to see this infamous cycle as an event to turn a improved person. Unfortunately, while a movie’s expel is not unappealing, Tree’s tour to self-knowledge feels sudden and unconvincing. What’s more, a cycle creates it unfit to build tension. We already know that Tree is going to die. Details and methods might change, though they aren’t quite inventive.

With a round arc of soul-searching and redemption, “Groundhog Day” has turn a complicated cautionary story – “A Christmas Carol” for contemporary times that people watch, again and again. By borrowing that same premise, a makers of “Happy Death Day” wish to money on a progressing film’s fast appeal. But this is one film that no one needs to relive.


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