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Harvey Weinstein’s daughter calls 911 over ‘suicidal’ fears

Harvey Weinstein’s daughter Remy called a military on Wednesday morning, claiming her father was “suicidal”.

According to TMZ.com, a film mogul, who has been indicted of passionate nuisance and abuse from legions of women in Hollywood over a three-decade period, was during his 22-year-old daughter’s residence in Los Angeles when they had an argument, that spilled out onto a street.

The writer was listened cheering to Remy “You’re creation it worse”, before he attempted to dwindle down a pointless automobile to join a ride. Remy afterwards managed to remonstrate her father to go behind inside, with LAPD (Los Angeles Police Department) officers and officials from Remy’s alarm association display adult during around 10.30am. At that point, Weinstein had already left.

Law coercion sources told a website that Remy had called 911, saying that she feared for her father, who she described as “suicidal and depressed”. However, when a officers arrived, Remy apparently simplified her remarks and told military that no suicidal statements were made. She is pronounced to have stressed it was simply a family dispute.

A source tighten to Weinstein told a New York Post’s report mainstay Page Six that Remy “overreacted during a situation, out of adore and regard for her father” when she called a police, and that a producer’s actions are due to his “heart violation for his kids”.

The conditions occurred usually hours after Weinstein expelled a new matter to Page Six, in that he certified he is “profoundly devastated” by what is function and by his mother Georgina Chapman’s preference to leave him.

“I am profoundly devastated,” he said. “I have mislaid my mother and kids, whom we adore some-more than anything else. we entirely support her decision. we didn’t mount in Georgina’s approach when we discussed a separation, we speedy her to do what was in her heart. we know she has to do what is best for a children, for herself and her business, she employs 130 people. we don’t wish her or my children to be mistreat any some-more than they already have. we truly adore Georgina, and we wish one day we can reconcile, nonetheless right now we don’t know if that could presumably happen.”

Weinstein added: “I need to work on myself and to change. we am in heated therapy and counselling. we don’t know if I’m going to Europe for rehab; we unequivocally don’t know where we am going.”

Shortly after his statement, it was reported Weinstein had trafficked to The Meadows obsession diagnosis centre in Arizona to find assistance for his problems.

“I apologize to everybody who has been mistreat by my actions,” he concluded, adding that he still maintains all of his passionate encounters were consensual. 



Actor-and-filmmaker Seth Macfarlane has suggested his fun about Harvey Weinstein during a Oscars was desirous by “loathing and anger”.

The Family Guy creator and Ted star hosted a 85th Academy Awards rite in 2013, and when it came time to announce a Best Supporting Actress nominees, that enclosed Anne Hathaway and Amy Adams, Seth quipped, “Congratulations, we 5 ladies no longer have to fake to be captivated to Harvey Weinstein.”

The poke returned to a headlines this week amid a outcry surrounding Weinstein’s purported passionate bungle accusations, that have been minute in exposes in The New York Times and New Yorker magazine.

Seth addressed his fun directly in a matter on Twitter on Wednesday, confirming conjecture he took a appropriate opposite Weinstein in a bid to call courtesy to a producer’s purported abuses.

“In 2011, my crony and co-worker Jessica Barth, with whom we worked on a Ted films, confided in me per her confront with Harvey Weinstein and his attempted advances,” MacFarlane recalled. “She has given courageously come brazen to pronounce out. It was with this comment in mind that, when we hosted a Oscars in 2013, we couldn’t conflict a event to take a tough pitch in his direction.”

Barth was one of a women who common her story of abuse in Ronan Farrow’s New Yorker piece.

“Make no mistake, this (joke) came from a place of loathsome and anger,” Seth added. “There is zero some-more offensive and indefensible than abuse of energy such as this. we honour and extol my crony Jessica and those pity their stories for their preference to come forward, for being champions of a truth.” 


Mexican filmmaker Guillermo Del Toro roughly incited his behind on Hollywood after operative with Weinstein brothers Harvey and Bob.

The executive worked with a siblings on 1997’s sci-fi fear film Mimic, and admits it was a “horrible” experience.

“I unequivocally hated a experience,” he pronounced during a speak during a London Film Festival. “My initial American knowledge was roughly my final since it was with a Weinsteins and (production company) Miramax. we have got to tell you, dual terrible things happened in a late nineties, my father was kidnapped and we worked with a Weinsteins.

“I know that one was worse… a abduction done some-more sense; we knew what they wanted.”

Del Toro reveals he mislaid casting battles and story battles, though he’ll perpetually be unapproachable of a approach he fought for his film, insisting Mimic is “visually 100% accurately what we wanted”, adding, “The film is visually beautiful and it has a integrate of sequences I’m really unapproachable of.”

“On one of a initial meetings they said, ‘The usually order you’ve got to follow is we can't mistreat kids or pets’. So we had one stage where we killed dual kids and one dog… we don’t know if this is most of an feat though it felt like one.”

Del Toro’s Mimic heading lady, Mira Sorvino, is among a women who have oral out in new days about her practice with Harvey Weinstein, who is now during a centre of a sex liaison following accusations of inapt behaviour, rape and passionate harassment.

Sorvino, who won an Oscar for her work in Weinstein’s Mighty Aphrodite, claims a film trainer frequently “harassed her” for a passionate relationship, even display adult during her unit in a mid-1990s.

“He started massaging my shoulders, that done me really uncomfortable, and afterwards attempted to get some-more physical, arrange of chasing me around,” she claims. 

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