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Jimmy Kimmel blasts Sen. Bill Cassidy over ‘Kimmel test’ health caring pledge

Jimmy Kimmel says U.S. Sen. Bill Cassidy “lied right to my face” by going behind on his word to safeguard any health caring renovate passes a examination named for him.

Kimmel says a health caring check co-sponsored by a Louisiana Republican fails a “Jimmy Kimmel test,” a word coined by Cassidy.

The late-night horde announced in May that his baby son had medicine for a birth forsake and argued that all American families should be means to get life-saving medical care. Cassidy told a horde on his uncover that permitting insurers to top a volume spent on an individual’s health caring was unnecessary.

During a scarcely seven-minute digression on Tuesday, Kimmel decried Cassidy’s most-recent offer and bloody him for fibbing mixed times.

“They’re not holding caring of you. They’re holding caring of people who give them money, like word companies. We’re all only looking at our Instagram accounts liking things, while they’re voting on either people can means to keep their children alive or not,” he declared.

“Before we post a nasty Facebook summary about me politicizing my son’s health problems, we wish we to know: I am politicizing my son’s health problems since we have to. My family has health insurance, we don’t have to worry about this, though other people do. So we can force your outrageous comments where your alloy won’t be giving we a prostate examination once they take your health caring advantages away.”

Cassidy’s orator didn’t immediately lapse a ask for criticism Wednesday from The Associated Press.

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