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Meet Elfriede Wolf, a grandma who grabbed George Clooney’s chin during TIFF

Elfriede Wolf bewitched a universe with a simplest gesture: grabbing A-list actor George Clooney‘s chin during a Toronto International Film Festival red carpet. She never could have likely a media charge that would follow.

Within hours, a print went viral and a full-on hunt for her had begun. News outlets scoured a city for any snippet of a lady who bravely grabbed Clooney’s face.

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Global News anchor and writer Susan Hay hold adult with Wolf during her Oakville, Ont. home for an disdainful interview, to find out what a octogenarian had to contend about her large impulse (besides it being all-too-brief).

“It happened too quick,” pronounced Wolf. “I couldn’t even sense it. It only happened so quickly. we was on a blockade there, like everybody else… he walked and greeted a people. Nothing was designed during all. We only came for a film festival.”

It turns out Wolf’s daughter Brigitte is “in love” with Clooney, and was one of a reasons Wolf got a reason of him.

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“She suspicion maybe she could get a glance of George Clooney,” Wolf continued. “When he got closer, we said, ‘George, my daughter is in adore with you.’ He said, ‘Oh my God.’ He reached his palm over, and before we knew it, he hold my palm and smiled. That’s when we [grabbed his chin].”

At a finish of a interview, Hay presented Wolf with a framed sketch of a red-carpet moment. When Hay asked where she’s going to hang it, Wolf skilfully replied, “Over my bed.”

(You can watch their communication in a video, top.)

— With files from Susan Hay

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