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Metallica move loud, head-banging fun to Toronto [Photos]


Metallica – command vast – is something to behold.

After behaving a Daily Bread Food Bank gift uncover in front of 950 people during The Opera House final November, a complicated steel vets returned to Toronto to play Rogers Centre, a city’s largest venue, on Sunday night to a throng some-more than 50 times that size.

Going from insinuate bar to equally sweaty track – sadly a roof didn’t open on one of Toronto’s many wet days of a summer nonetheless – meant Metallica had to move a vital bag of tricks, in sold a mammoth, five-panelled video shade with lightning bolts on possibly side that rivalled a one Irish rockers U2 brought to a same place 3 weeks ago.

There was also a vast round catwalk from a categorical stage, glow bursts, a wall of fire, fireworks, laser lights, balloons, and 4 oversized drums that singer-guitarist James Hetfield, lead guitarist Kirk Hammett, drummer Lars Ulrich and bassist Robert Trujillo all played in a round during one of a two-hour-and-10-minute show’s early highlights, a new strain Now That We’re Dead.

The band’s heading punishingly shrill sound was total too, giving chest-pounding heft to such track anthems as Master of Puppets, Seek And Destroy and Enter Sandman, as a throng sang along and lifted their fists in unison.

It was headbanger sky as a sea of black T-shirt-wearing fans of all stripes collected together underneath a same roof to see their dear rope stone tough and shrill and as parsimonious as one of those oversized drums.

Touring stadiums for a initial time in scarcely 20 years with their World Wired Tour, Metallica are ancillary their initial studio manuscript in 8 years, 2016’s double CD Hardwired … To Self-Destruct, so a night began with a new songs, Hardwired and Atlas, Rise!

They were indeed preceded by a stage from a classical western The Good, The Bad, and The Ugly while The Ecstasy of Gold, Ennio Morricone song, played.

It took no time, though, for a rope to excavate into their behind catalog like For Whom The Bell Tolls, a burning Fuel, and The Unforgiven.

And so it went all night prolonged from aged classics to new songs like Halo on Fire and Moth To The Flame, and comparison chestnuts One, Hit The Lights, Fade To Black, Blackened, and Nothing Else Matters.

For his part, Hetfield was Metallica’s upbeat master of ceremonies, as he tenderly checked in with fans again and again as a dusk progressed.

“You are all here right now celebrating life and live music,” he said. “You are a Metallica family!”

He even seemed chuffed towards a finish of a show, as a organisation collected during a front of a catwalk to reconstruct “the garage” when he speckled a 13-year-old redheaded child during a front of a mosh array with his dad.

“That’s cool,” pronounced Hetfield.


1. Hardwired

2. Atlas, Rise!

3.For Whom a Bell Tolls

4. Fuel

5. The Unforgiven

6. Now That We’re Dead

7. Moth Into Flame

8. Wherever we May Roam

9. Halo on Fire

10. Hit The Lights

11. Sad though True

12. One

13. Master of Puppets

14. Fade to Black

15. Seek Destroy


16. Blackened

17. Nothing Else Matters

18. Enter Sandman

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