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Dozens arrested in Europe equine beef scam

Authorities have arrested during slightest 66 people in a European food fraud that sole equine beef non-professional for tellurian consumption.

European Union military co-ordinating classification Europol announced Sunday that 8 nations co-operated in a operation. In Spain, 65 people face a array of charges relating to open health, income laundering and animal abuse.

The operation took several months and a arch suspect, a Dutch businessman, was arrested in Belgium in April.

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Spain’s Civil Guard pronounced that a rapist ring acquired horses in Spain and Portugal that were “in bad shape, old, or had been designated ‘not good for consumption.”‘ After equivocating paperwork and substituting microchips used to brand a horses, a animals were slaughtered and a beef shipped to Belgium.

The Civil Guard pronounced that a increase from a bootleg beef could strech 20 million euros ($23 million) a year.

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The box was related to a 2013 liaison when Irish authorities rescued beef burgers containing equine meat.

Authorities in Belgium, France, Italy, Portugal, Romania, Switzerland, Britain and Spain co-operated in a operation.

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