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Nygard ignoring amicable shortcoming to Cambodian mantle workers, kinship says

Winnipeg-based Nygard International has a shortcoming to assistance compensate separation to mantle workers who abruptly mislaid their jobs when a bureau they worked during in Cambodia was close down final year, a union says.

Ryan Hayes, orator for Workers United Canada Council, pronounced Thursday that 208 Cambodian mantle workers, mostly women, are due a sum of $550,000 US in separation and remuneration after they were fired July 1, 2016, when the Chung Fai Knitwear bureau was closed.

 “We can’t even contend they were laid off … overnight a bureau was closed,” he said. “So distant they haven’t perceived any remuneration that they were due and many of these workers had been operative for over 10 years.”


A former workman during a Chung Fai binds adult labels, including for Nygard International, they contend were constructed before a bureau was close down in Jul 2016. (The Chung Fai Collective)

According to workman testimonials, about 60 per cent of a wardrobe constructed during a Chung Fai was wardrobe for Nygard, including a brand’s Bianca line, while a remaining 40 per cent was for a United Kingdom’s Marks and Spencer and Bonmarché.

A orator for Nygard International pronounced a association has looked into a matter and deserted all of Hayes’s claims.

“Nygard International has had no approach tie or any authorised agreement with Chung Fai,” she said. “We’ve had zero to do with Chung Fai. Ever.”

According to information from ImportGenius supposing by Hayes, Nygard maintains a attribute with Addchance, a primogenitor association of Chung Fai. Data also shows a association cosigned for 29 shipments of clothing from Chung Fai Knitwear, starting in Apr 2013 by Apr 2016.

Hayes said that it’s probable an unapproved subcontract was drawn up.

Still, Hayes said, he finds it “utterly confusing” a Winnipeg association has refused to acknowledge a connection.

“Nygard should be holding shortcoming for their supply chain,” he said. “We would only like to have a assembly with them to speak about what a pill could demeanour like.”

Peter Nygard boasts probable immortality in Bahamas

A orator for Nygard International, founded by Peter Nygard graphic here, has denied a association had any tie to a Chung Fai factory. (YouTube)

Hayes pronounced both Marks and Spencer and Bonmarché have been open to carrying a conversation, with Bonmarché similar to meet.

The 208 workers who mislaid their jobs have faced serious hardships over a past year, Hayes said, including putting off medical treatments and holding out loans.

When internal efforts failed, including occupying a bureau for a time, a workers began reaching out to general groups including Workers United.

Many of them are comparison and have been incompetent to find new jobs, Hayes said, since employing in a mantle attention tends to favour younger workers.

The kinship represented Nygard employees in Winnipeg until 2008 when a association shifted to abroad manufacturing.

Rules set out in a Nygard compliance policy require all a company’s suppliers to “operate in correspondence with all germane laws, manners and regulations, including though not limited, to those laws relating to work standards, workman health and safety, and a environment.”

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