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Telecoms will have to clear your phone for free: CBC’s Marketplace consumer lie sheet

Phone hold ransom? Not for long

That’s right. The CRTC will anathema those exasperating unlocking fees telecoms assign we to switch providers, effective Dec. 1.

But other new manners are effective immediately. Now, in a family plan, usually a comment hilt can agree to information overage and additional roaming charges, an emanate that we investigated final year.

Realtor double-ending trouble

A Toronto-area integrate says they got bad recommendation from their genuine estate agent, who was fervent to double-end a deal. They mislaid a $30,000 deposit and didn’t get to buy a condo.

That’s usually one some-more reason, a province’s regulator says, that a supervision should outlaw double-ending, a use we investigated and found some agents were violation a rules

‘Culture of cruelty’

That’s what a non-profit animal advocacy organisation is job a ornithology attention after it shot video of chickens allegedly being thrown, hit, kicked and run over by workers during a B.C. company. Five employees have been fired, including a supervisor.

The same animal-rights organisation helped us expose abuse during a turkey plantation behind in 2014.

Do a research. Get a refund

“It’s not so most that it was a money, it was a principle.”

Claude Bisson was assured he was overcharged for his new vehicle. So he went to a library, found a journal ad charity a same automobile he usually bought (but for $8,000 reduction than he paid), and used it to precedence his case. It paid off.

The dealership concluded to a settlement instead of going to court. 

What is else is going on?

The week in recalls: Careful. This granola might be contaminated with listeria. And vocalization of breakfast foods, this divert could enclose sharp steel objects. If you’re a climber, check your rigging for this belay device. And parents, these bassinets might not accommodate reserve regulations.

Who needs a backyard anyway? This male bought a house, and found out after it doesn’t embody a backyard and usually partial of a behind deck.

Left behind: This 90-year-old lady says she was taken in a wheelchair to a send indicate between flights in Calgary, though afterwards was forgotten there, and she missed her flight. home to Houston..

Problem with immature tea diet extract

Diet pills with healthy mixture are partial of a booming, multi-million-dollar weight-loss attention in Canada. But are they a rubbish of money? And are they always safe?

We examine renouned immature tea weight detriment supplements and expose dozens of reports of liver failure. Watch it again online.

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