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CRIME HUNTER: Rejection sent debauch torpedo over a edge

George Brinkman is now staying in Nowheresville.

Never listened of it? It’s where a loopy, a unsuccessful and life’s other losers make their home.

Today, George Brinkman is mayor.

Single mom Suzanne Taylor, 45, a high propagandize friend, took empathize on Brinkman, assisting him out, feeding him dinner, vouchsafing him pile-up on a couch.

Being amicable and kind.

Cops, friends and family contend that wasn’t adequate for Brinkman.

“Suzy suspicion he was indeed unequivocally a friend. We had dishes together, he spent holidays here, we mean, he was a friend, so we don’t know what done him so angry,” Marcia Taylor told Fox News.

Taylor’s hermit Ken pronounced his sister’s many tiny kindnesses were tragically misinterpreted.

“He always wanted some-more from my sister, and she was only perplexing to be good to him,” Ken Taylor told a Cleveland Plain Dealer.

Like a lovestruck teen, Brinkman favourite Suzanne Taylor’s comments and photos on amicable media. Once he called her “queen.”

Now, cops explain Brinkman came off a rails and final weekend cut Taylor’s throat, afterwards smothered one daughter Taylor Pifer, 21, and strangled another, Kylie Pifer, 18, during their home south of Cleveland.

The 3 women were found passed underneath a covers of a same bed.

And detectives trust his bloodlust was distant from sated after his sinister weekend work. After massacring Suzanne Taylor’s tiny family, he allegedly changed on and shot to genocide his ex-girlfriend’s parents, Gene and Bobbi John. Brinkman had been squatting in their home.

While he was on a run, Brinkman contacted Cleveland TV contributor Lacey Crisp.

The indicted torpedo certified nothing.

“I’ve famous Sue given class propagandize and was there when Taylor was born,” he allegedly told Crisp. “Such a tough situation. I’m still watchful for a investigator to hit me…they were such overwhelming people.”

He after added: “I’m carrying a tough time gripping it together…I mislaid my mom a integrate years ago, afterwards my brother…now them.”

Cops held adult with him 80 km. away.

On Thursday, in court, a indicted torpedo sobbed via a proceedings. Tears, no doubt, for George Brinkman.

There was, however, no necessity of tears for a amicable mom and her dual clinging daughters.

Suzanne’s beloved wrote on Facebook: “I will never be a same. Suzie was an extraordinary lady and she went too soon. The universe is a darker place but her. Taylor and Kylie we were my daughters and we desired looking out for you. Rest In Peace Suzie, Taylor Pifer and Kylie Pifer.”

So far, Brinkman’s traffic with 3 depends of aggravated murder, 3 depends of abduction and one count of tampering with justification in a meaningless deaths of Taylor and her daughters.

Charges in a slayings of his ex-girlfriend’s relatives will certainly come subsequent week.

If Brinkman is found guilty in genocide chastisement accessible Ohio it’s a large adios for one of life’s losers.

It is formidable to consider of someone who would presumably weep him.



Kristen Hyman is a copper who’s discerning with a cuffs.

And no wonder! Before fasten a Hudson County (NJ) Sheriff’s Dept., she seemed in raunchy subjugation films as a dominatrix.

Now, a whip-wielding rookie is indicted of control unbecoming, according to NJ.com and politicians are dynamic to uncover her who’s master.

Hyman, 26, has now been dangling for appearing in a raunch-o-rammas and saying clients secretly for cash.

In a videos, Hyman is seen kicking group in a testicles, slapping, spanking and scornful them…SLAVE. She told investigators she never seemed exposed or achieved sex acts in a films.

“The videos were foolish things we did when we was a kid,” Hyman told investigators, adding she was only an actress.

Well, so was Seka.


Natwaina Clark appears to be a bit of an ass.

The 33-year-old Florida polite menial is indicted of regulating City of Gainesville supports to financial thousands in luxuries – including a Brazilian boundary lift.

Cops contend Clark charged some-more than $92,000 in unapproved purchases to her bosses’ credit cards.

Clark apparently destined a unlawful supports into her PayPal account.

The Gainesville Sun pronounced Clark also got behind a thought of splurging $8,500 on a Brazilian boundary lift. In a pert-pursuing procedure, fat from other tools of a physique is injected into a patient’s rear.

Clark allegedly told co-workers she had a rich boyfriend, venturing so distant as to send herself flowers and succulent arrangements.

She was dismissed while on a journey and has pleaded not guilty.


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