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Man dressed Orthodox Jew indicted of intimately assaulting women after charity them blessings

TORONTO — These incidents really were not a blessing in disguise.

Toronto Police have expelled notice video of a think wanted in a fibre of sex assaults after several women complained about a man, dressed as an approved Jew charity them a blessing nearby their apartments in a Bathurst St. and Steeles Ave. W. area over a past few weeks.

The initial took place May 22 around 11:30 p.m. as a 27-year-old lady was walking to her home, along York Hill Blvd. in Thornhill. A male approached and asked if he could magnify her.

When a lady refused, a male assaulted her and afterwards offering another blessing. The lady refused and kept walking.

Police pronounced he afterwards followed her adult to her apartment, though left when a family dog began barking.

The subsequent day, during around 4:45 p.m. in a same area, a 37-year-old lady was in a conveyor when a male got in with her on a belligerent building and started talking. The male pronounced she indispensable a blessing and afterwards followed her adult to her apartment.

Police contend a male told her she indispensable “to be cleansed of her ex-husband” before intimately assaulting her inside her apartment.

The third occurrence occurred May 24 around 4 p.m. A 38-year-old lady was in her unit in a same area when a male knocked on her door.

Investigators pronounced a male asked if he could give a lady a blessing as he walked into her entryway.

He afterwards intimately assaulted a lady inside her apartment. 

Concerned there might be other victims, military have expelled confidence video of a think anticipating members of a open can assistance brand him.


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