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Father’s Day travel to quarrel prostate cancer raises over $300,000

You competence have been out spending time with your father or with your kids on Sunday celebrating Father’s Day, though many Montrealers were holding partial in a opposite kind of Father’s Day tradition.

The 11th annual Procure Walk of Courage saw hundreds conduct to Beaver Lake for a travel lifting income to quarrel prostate cancer.

Since a eventuality started in 2007, it has lifted over $1 million.

This year it lifted $340,000.


For many of a participants, it was personal.

“It’s for my father. He died a few years ago. I’m blissful to be here and unapproachable to travel 5 kilometers,” member Isabelle Vermette told Global News.

Lisa Trevisonno’s father also died of prostate cancer.

It’s a third time she and her hermit took partial in a walk.

“It’s only to support all a other people who are going by it or who survived it,” she said.

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Many of a walkers had battled with prostate cancer themselves, including eventuality orator Winston McQuade.

“Every year on Father’s Day we do this smashing event. We can speak about it, we can plead it, or we can only giggle during it that competence be a best solution,” McQuade told Global News.

Several distinguished Montrealers took partial in a walk, including Montreal Impact President Joey Saputo.

“Five kilometers is zero compared to what a lot of guys have to go through, generally guys that have prostate cancer. So it’s a slightest that we can do,” Said Saputo.

Some Montreal Impact players and staff also took part, along with many immature players from their academy.

So did Olympic bullion medalist Charles Hamelin and his hermit Vincent.

“We have to hang together and that’s how were gonna quarrel opposite and some time find a heal for it,” Charles told Global News.

Mayor Denis Coderre was on palm to residence a walkers before a event. He had his possess prostate shock progressing this year.

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The participants directed to mangle down a tarnish and a annoyance so many group feel about removing checked for prostate cancer.

“The hapless partial of us as group is we don’t speak about these things and it’s critical that we speak about it more,” pronounced Saputo.

Mayor Coderre speedy a opposite form of Father’s Day gift.

“Happy Father’s Day, and we consider a best present we can give to your family is to check your prostate,” pronounced Coderre.


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