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‘It’s heartbreaking’: More relatives lay Banana Boat sunscreen burnt their kids

Shayna Pickle says her five-year-old son got badly burnt this month after wearing Banana Boat sunscreen.

The Bracebridge, Ont., lady blames a sunscreen, so she posted photos on Facebook along with a warning about a brand. 

“It’s heartbreaking,” she says about a browns on her son’s shoulders and arms which eventually incited into blisters. “It was like an open wound given a blister[s] had popped and we could see that a skin was torn.” Pickle requested that her son’s name not be published.

She joins many Canadian relatives who allege that Banana Boat sunscreen unguent or mist somehow burnt their children’s skin.

Rebecca Cannon Kyla Banana vessel

Complaints about a sunscreen embody an claim that it caused 14-month-old Kyla Cannon in Botwood, N.L., to rise a facial burn. (Rebecca Cannon/Facebook)

Health Canada says that given May 11, it has perceived 187 complaints about Banana Boat sunscreen products. Ninety-six of a cases fact browns or blister-related reactions, and some-more than half of a purported victims in those cases were children or adolescents. 

The group began questioning a sunscreen in May after during slightest two mothers claimed that a product badly burnt their babies’ skin.

Banana Boat Canada says rigorous testing of a sunscreen has shown that it’s safe and can’t cause chemical burns.

Health Canada says it has reviewed Banana Boat’s exam formula and found no concerns. The group has also conducted a possess tests on a sunscreen and expects to have a formula in a entrance weeks.

Health Canada will take “enforcement action, as appropriate, should any non-compliance or risk to health be identified,” pronounced spokesperson Rebecca Purdy in an email to CBC News.

But some endangered relatives wish movement now.

‘I was in tears’

I feel like it should be off a shelves immediately,” says Pickle. “There’s got to be something in their product.”

Her tale began during a Canada Day prolonged weekend when her son spent a day outward with his father.

Pickle says nonetheless her ex-husband diligently practical Banana Boat Kids SPF 50 mist to their son’s skin, it didn’t seem to be working.

“He was usually removing redder and redder.”

Shayna Pickle Banana Boat sunscreen

‘My heart usually broke,’ says Pickle, when she saw her son’s blisters that she claims were caused by Banana Boat sunscreen. (Shayna Pickle/Facebook)

By a time Pickle saw her son, his skin had blistered.

“My heart usually pennyless as shortly as we saw it. we was in tears, it looked so painful,” Pickle said, adding her son’s skin is usually clearing adult now. “Obviously there’s something wrong with Banana Boat. They need to change it.”

Patrizia Fitch of Victoria, B.C., agrees.

She says she done certain her 12-year-old son Daniel put on sunscreen for a new margin trip. Although he practical a product several times that day, his skin incited splendid red and blistered.

“He can’t put on a shirt. When he was sleeping, he was sleeping sitting because he couldn’t have anything touching him,” Fitch told CBC News this month.

Banana Boat sunscreen

Banana Boat says exam formula uncover a product is protected for use. (Patrizia Fitch)

Like Pickle, Fitch is warning other relatives and wants Banana Boat sunscreen pulled from store shelves.

“People are putting this on to strengthen their kids, and afterwards they finish adult blazing their children,” she said.

Banana Boat is owned by U.S.-based Edgewell Personal Care. Since a allegations about a code began in May, a company has adamantly denied there’s anything wrong with its sunscreen products.

It says a bad skin greeting such as blisters might be caused by a attraction to an part in a sunscreen that can be triggered or exacerbated by object exposure.

Banana Boat suggests people exam a product before regulating it if they have concerns. 

But for some endangered parents, that’s not good enough. “You wish to trust what you’re shopping off a shelves [will] protect your children from burns,” says Pickle.

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