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Many Americans consider chocolate divert comes from brownish-red cows: study

Seven per cent of American adults consider chocolate milk comes from brownish-red cows, according to a survey conducted by a Innovation Center of U.S. Dairy.

Over 1,000 respondents aged 18 and over were interviewed for a survey, that sought to inspect people’s views on a purpose dairy products play in their diet and daily lives.

Extrapolated to a U.S. population, a commentary advise that over 22 million Americans couple a chalky brownish-red beverage’s source to chocolate-coloured bovines.

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The investigate also found that scarcely half of Americans have no suspicion where chocolate divert comes from.

Chocolate divert is in fact white cow’s divert churned with pepper and sweeteners, a website of a Innovation Center of U.S. Dairy reveals.

In reduction chuckle-inducing findings, a website also says chocolate divert is not related to weight benefit or hyperactivity in children, discordant to common belief.

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The consult was conducted as partial of a “Undeniably Dairy” project, “which showcases a fun of dairy in bland life.”

Respondents were not asked where they suspicion strawberry divert comes from.

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