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Montreal outlines 75th anniversary of Dieppe Raid with commemorative ceremony

Montreal Mayor Denis Coderre and comparison politicians from a counterclaim method noted a 75th anniversary of a Dieppe Raid, a essential eventuality in Canada’s impasse in a Second World War, during Dieppe Park — before called Cité-du-Havre — on Saturday afternoon.


Those who fought in a battle, that took place in Dieppe on a northern shores of France, were among a some-more than one million Canadian group and women who served in uniform during a war.

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Close to 5,000 soldiers took partial in a raid, that began underneath a disguise of dim on Aug. 19, 1942.

It finished adult being a dim day, with some-more than 3,350 killed, harmed or taken prisoner.

Coderre told Global News that today’s rite was an critical moment.

“It’s all about a avocation to remember,” he said. “It was a initial time we had Canadians, privately Montrealers, who went to a front.”

Les Fusiliers Mont-Royal, a Montreal-based regiment, suffered complicated causalities during Dieppe, with 119 soldiers killed.

A miscommunication was blamed for a tragedy.

It was believed that a initial call of Canadian enemy had done poignant inroads and a ordain was sent in to support them. But, they were greeted with complicated German fire.

Members of a Black Watch, Canada’s oldest Highland ordain and also formed in Montreal, suffered 4 deadly causalities.

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Jenny Clarke’s late father Herbert Clarke was partial of a Black Watch. He was only 19 years aged when he was restrained 45 mins after alighting during Dieppe, and was hold restrained by a Germans for 32 months.

“He went to Dieppe with one corps of a Black Watch and he was taken prisoner,” she said.

“Soon as he got off a vessel he could see a H2O was full of blood we know. And this associate came adult to him and pronounced in ideal English: ‘for you, mister, a fight is over.’”

Despite his experiences, Clarke never hold any passion towards a Germans, according to his wife.

“They were doing their job, we were doing ours,” she said. “He came out of it OK, nonetheless it wasn’t an easy thing for sure.”

Clarke’s story was one of many common during a ceremony.

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According to Coderre, Dieppe is what done a fight genuine for many Montrealers.

“Historians will tell we it was one of a initial time Montrealers truly felt that fight since one of their possess left their life,” he said.

The eventuality in Montreal enclosed an artillery salute, a opening of a “Last Post,” final with a phenomenon of a commemorative plaque, strictly renaming a park.

Coderre pronounced that with fewer veterans left to remember a Second World War, commemorating gestures turn even some-more important.

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