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Census 2016: highlights from latest news on Canadian income levels

Highlights from Statistics Canada’s latest recover Wednesday of census data, this one focused on Canadian income levels:

Income trends

  • The median sum income of Canadian households reached $70,336 in 2015, a 10.8 per cent boost from $63,457 in 2005.
  • The Northwest Territories had a top median income in Canada during $117,688, followed by Nunavut during $97,441 and Alberta during $93,835. New Brunswick had a lowest during $59,347, followed by Quebec during $59,822 and Nova Scotia during $60,764.

Median domicile income

Low-income households

  • Nearly 1.2 million children underneath 18, about 17 per cent of Canada’s 6.8 million kids, lived in a low-income household, comprising roughly one entertain of a 4.8 million people vital underneath low-income conditions in 2015.
  • Of those children in low-income households, 11.2 per cent lived with dual parents, while 38.9 per cent lived with one; for those vital with their mother, a low-income rate was 42 per cent, though 25.5 per cent for those vital with their father.
  • Despite a second-lowest median income turn in Canada, Quebec (14.3 per cent) was second usually to Alberta (12.8 per cent) in carrying a lowest commission of children in low-income households, interjection to reduce child caring costs and richer child advantages than elsewhere.
  • Nova Scotia and New Brunswick reported a top commission of children in low-income households during 22.2 per cent; Alberta had a lowest during 12.8 per cent.

Children vital in low-income households


  • Of Canada’s 14 million households, 65.2 per cent contributed to one of possibly a purebred grant plan, a purebred retirement assets devise or a tax-free assets account. About 30 per cent contributed to some-more than one, and 9.3 per cent to all three.

Couples’ income

  • Nearly 96 per cent of Canada’s 8.2 million married or common-law couples saw both spouses news income in 2015, significantly some-more than about two-thirds of couples in a mid-1970s. Of those, 32 per cent were earning roughly a same income, compared to 20.6 per cent in 1985.
  • Same-sex couples continue to news a aloft median income — group during $100,707, women during $92,857 — than opposite-sex couples during $87,605. More than 12 per cent of masculine couples reported incomes of some-more than $200,000, compared with 7.5 per cent of womanlike couples and 8.4 per cent for opposite-sex couples.

Regional differences

  • Fuelled by clever commodity prices, Nunavut and Saskatchewan saw median income grow 36.7 per cent and 36.5 per cent, respectively, between 2005 and 2015. Newfoundland and Labrador, a Northwest Territories, Alberta and Manitoba also grew by some-more than 20 per cent.
  • A struggling production zone hold median income expansion in Ontario and Quebec to only 3.8 per cent and 8.9 per cent, respectively.

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