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Putting trust into ropes as risk-takers rappel off of Regina tower

About 80 risk-takers from Regina and Saskatoon stepped off a edge of a 280-foot or 25-storey Hill Tower II in Regina. It’s all in an bid to lift income for kids with disabilities to go to Camp Easter Seals.

It usually takes about 10 to 15 mins to get down a building. Every step feeling a small some-more comfortable.

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Rob Folk dressed adult like Spiderman. This is his fourth year participating in a event.

“The gift is incredible,” Folk said.

“I wish they would let me do a few some-more things, but, as shortly as we get adult there, we finish a ride, and we wish to get adult there and do it again.”

Beside him was a permitted community Global Regina anchor Blake Lough. He was invited to see what it was like to rappel down a tower.

“That was such a blast. It felt like such an assumed thing to do from that high up, though once we got down there and we had Spiderman beside me giving me some tips, so it was an overwhelming experience,” Lough said.

Participants have a idea to lift to $1,000 to go down a tower.

The income helps cover a $1,500 cost it takes to send one child to camp, that runs from Jun by August.

“Everything has ramps, a boats are permitted for circle chairs, there’s horseback roving for people with mobility issues, a swimming pool that has a ramp into it,” Saskatchewan Abilities Council’s Amy Weekes said.

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Final numbers aren’t in yet, though final year’s Easter Seals Drop Zone lifted some-more than $180,000.

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