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Um, what?! Boob jobs could save lives, investigate confirms

Boob jobs save lives.

No, really. Breast implants could be a disproportion between life and death, according to a new study.

Christopher Pannucci, a surgeon during a University of Utah, sought to establish if gunshot victims with breast implants have a aloft odds of presence than those with healthy chests.

To control a study, a organisation of researchers used a handgun to glow bullets into ballistic jelly from 2.5 metres.

The organisation afterwards placed a vast breast make in front of a ballistic jelly to establish a intensity impact on bullets slicing by flesh.

Researchers detected bullets dismissed by implants trafficked 8 fewer centimetres into a ballistic gel, according to New Scientist.

“You can consider of them as little airbags,” Pannucci said, according to a report.

Pannucci’s seductiveness appearance when one of his patients – a lady propitious with breast implants – survived a close-range shooting.

He became extraordinary after a bullet seemed to change instruction inside a woman’s body.

Pannucci told New Scientist that implants competence also assistance strengthen opposite other chest wounds from stabbings.

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