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At slightest 12 passed in Nigeria in conflict with Boko Haram characteristics

Five womanlike self-murder bombers killed 12 people and bleeding 11 in northeast Nigeria’s Borno state, hearth of a Islamist belligerent Boko Haram insurgency, military pronounced on Monday.

There was no evident explain of shortcoming for a attacks. But a use of womanlike self-murder bombers in open places is a tactic used by Boko Haram, that has focused on Borno during a eight-year-old rebellion directed during formulating an Islamic caliphate.

Borno state military orator Victor Isuku pronounced a attacks occurred on Sunday during around 08:30 p.m. internal time in a encampment of Kofa, 8 kilometres from a state collateral Maiduguri.

“The initial self-murder bomber detonated nearby a mosque, murdering 7 persons. The second detonated in a residence murdering 5 persons,” he said, adding that 11 people harm in a attacks.

Isuku pronounced a other 3 bombers also died. Borno has been a state misfortune strike by a rebellion that has killed some-more than 20,000 people and forced some 2.7 million people to rush their homes given 2009.

Boko Haram killed 14 people in bombings and shootings in Maiduguri on Jun 7.

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