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Cash before gold: Canadian Olympic curling champions play for $200K

The who’s who of Canadian curlers have fabricated in Fredericton this weekend for a Everest Curling Challenge with a possibility of winning a largest income esteem in a sport’s history.

The winners will take home $200,000 in a single-game knockout format that awards 0 to a losers. 

For many of a 32 curlers during a event, 16 group and 16 women, it’s a initial time on a ice this season. It’s behind to propagandize for a curlers in what will be an critical few months heading adult to a Olympic curling trials in Ottawa during a commencement of December.

The margin is built with past Brier, Scotties, universe and Olympic champions, with important names Brad Gushue, Rachel Homan, Brad Jacobs and Jennifer Jones heading a charge.

Here’s a catch: the 8 skips during a eventuality were tasked with drafting their teams on Thursday night. Each skip had to name their third, second and lead, though nothing of those players comparison could be current teammates.

curlers everest

Thirty-two Canadian curlers, including several universe and Olympic champions, have collected in Fredericton for a event. (Devon Heroux/CBC Sports)

It’s a singular summer eventuality that has players display adult during a course in shorts and flip-flops in a summer feverishness usually to take to a cold ice surface.

“Coming here did feel a bit weird since it’s Aug and it’s comfortable and pleasing outside,” Jacobs said. “But as shortly as we got staid and see informed faces it brings behind all those curling juices that get flowing.”

Jacobs admits he hasn’t thrown a singular stone heading adult to this event.

“But it’s like roving a bike. we consider all is going to be good and I’m usually prepared to strike a ice during this point.”

It was this time 4 years ago Jacobs and his group from northern Ontario began their pull to paint Canada during Sochi. The group came divided with a bullion medal. And while removing behind there is on his mind, it’s not a concentration this weekend.

“It’s a large deal. It’s a many income a curling group has ever played for. Take it one diversion during a time and one shot during a time.”

Olympic pull on reason for Gushue

Gushue is entrance off a many successful curling deteriorate in his career. The Gushue rink won a Brier in front of a rough hometown throng in St. John’s before rolling into Edmonton and going undefeated to constraint a universe title.

Now he also wants to get behind to a Olympics after winning bullion in 2006, though like Jacobs, is looking to have fun during this eventuality and not put too most vigour on a himself or group members this early in a season.

“It’s going to be engaging since we burst behind on a ice after all summer though practicing too most and afterwards we have 3 new teammates.”

Gushue knows how crippling a vigour of a Olympic trials can be on a team, including a training heading adult and says he still doesn’t feel entirely recovered from a rush of final season.

“We haven’t had adequate time divided usually yet, ” he said. “I consider for Mark and we a subsequent integrate of weeks, we’re going to palliate ourselves behind into this.”

The longtime skip says there’s a totally opposite mindset he has compared to other teams coming a lead adult to a Olympic trials. He says it’s a prolonged haul.

“It’s too early in a year to 0 in. we know a trials are usually in Dec though if we start going 110 per cent during this indicate you’re going to bake yourself out.”

Gushue says this weekend’s eventuality comprised of churned teams is an engaging judgment and will exam all curlers strategies and shot-making via a games. He also says carrying an eventuality like this in Fredericton is assisting display curling to some-more fans.

fans everest

John Epping, Kaitlyn Lawes, Brent Laing and Rachel Brown poise with a immature fan in Fredericton. The city has formerly hosted a 1988 Scotties and 1975 Brier, though this is by distant a largest income eventuality a New Brunswick collateral has been a site of. (Devin Heroux/CBC Sports)

“I consider this is good for a game. Everest has put a lot of income into this to move a competition to [this] partial of a country.”

Let a curling games begin.

Teams drafted

*denotes skip

Chelsea Carey*
Ryan Fry
Ben Hebert
Dana Ferguson

Rachel Homan*
Mat Camm
Jill Officer
Geoff Walker

Jennifer Jones*
Mark Kennedy
Joanne Courtney
Tim March

Val Sweeting*
Mark Nichols
Jocelyn Peterman
Ryan Harnden

John Epping*
Kaitlyn Lawes
Brent Laing
Rachel Brown

Brad Gushue*
E.J. Harnden
Lisa Weagle
Cathy Overton

Kevin Koe*
Patrick Janssen
Emma Miskew
Dawn McEwen

Brad Jacobs*
Brett Gallant
Lori Olson-Johns
Laine Peters

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