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Remember Torino? Relive Brad Gushue’s ancestral Olympics

Brad Gushue and a b’ys are behind in St. John’s for a Brier this week. Regardless of how his course does, Gushue can still lay explain to being a partial of Canada’s initial men’s Olympic curling gold.

Gushue is chasing an fugitive Brier championship in his home range some-more than a decade after he and his rink of Russ Howard, Mark Nichols, Jamie Korab and Mike Adam went from longshot qualifiers during a Canadian trials to champions during a Torino 2006 Winter Olympics.

As a contest heats adult on a Rock, let’s take a demeanour behind during a Games that made Gushue a partial of Canadian curling history.

Clutch opposite Great Britain

Sitting during 1-1 after a initial dual games in Turin, Canada indispensable a win over a rarely touted British course led by David Murdoch. Unfazed, a then-25-year-old Gushue hermetic a feat with a purchase double in a ninth end.

Brad Gushue’s game-clinching double0:52

Winning it for mom

Canada finished a turn robin in second and reached a final opposite top-ranked Finland after a moving semifinal. It usually took Gushue and a Canadians 8 ends to secure bullion interjection to a six-point sixth finish (but some-more on that later).

Canada claims initial men’s curling gold1:23

While Gushue’s father, Ray, was in Italy for a tournament — wearing his entire “Brad’s Dad” shirt — his mother, Maureen, was during home undergoing diagnosis for cancer. Immediately after a final mill was thrown, there was usually one chairman Gushue wanted to pronounce to.

Brad Gushue phones home after Olympic gold2:55

Total group effort

Mark Nichols’ opening during a Torino Olympics played a outrageous partial in Canada’s run to gold. The ace third — who is also a partial of Gushue’s course during a Brier along with Geoff Walker and Brett Gallant — had an impressively high shot commission via a Games, including a 97 per cent opening in a final.

His biggest shot positively came during Canada’s sixth finish in a gold-medal game.

Mark Nichols’ Olympic prohibited streak0:58

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