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Dolphins’ Tannehill out for season

DAVIE, Fla. — Miami Dolphins manager Adam Gase says he’s assured quarterback Ryan Tannehill will be prepared for a 2018 season, though 2017 is out.

The Dolphins placed Tannehill on harmed haven Saturday since of his left knee injury, sidelining him for a whole season. Tannehill and a Dolphins motionless medicine will be a best choice for his ripped maiden cruciate ligament.

When asked about his review with Tannehill, Gase said: “It was substantially worse for me. It’s some-more and some-more real. It’s hapless for him. He worked so hard.”

Tannehill’s replacement, Jay Cutler, used for a second time Saturday and competence play in Thursday’s muster diversion opposite a Baltimore Ravens.

“If he feels good adequate to go on Thursday, where a slot feel is there and he feels like he’s in a good place, afterwards he’ll go,” Gase said.

Cutler, who split with a Chicago Bears after 8 seasons, deferred retirement and his TV job, signing a $10 million, one-year contract.

Tannehill will still be around a group this season, Gase said.

“There are going to be times where he’ll be rehabbing during other facilities,” Gase said. “But there will be some weeks where he’s going to be around a lot, and he’ll be means to assistance a coaching staff and assistance a players.”

To fill Tannehill’s register spot, Miami sealed linebacker Junior Sylvestre, who spent partial of a 2017 off-season with Buffalo and a 2016 off-season and training stay with Indianapolis.

Tannehill missed a final 4 games of final deteriorate with dual sprained ligaments in his knee, and he reinjured it a week into training camp. The Dolphins consulted with specialists before a group and Tannehill motionless on surgery.

Tannehill chose to equivocate medicine after final season’s injury. He instead rehabilitated a partially ripped ligaments and underwent branch dungeon treatments.

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