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Figure skater Yulia Lipnitskaya opens adult about anorexia

She was Russia’s golden lady during a 2014 Winter Olympics, a 15-year-old skater with a “Schindler’s List” thesis balance who won an Olympic pretension and a cuddle from President Vladimir Putin.

But now Yulia Lipnitskaya’s career is over, and she’s opening adult about a means — ongoing anorexia.

Lipnitskaya says a eating commotion stubborn her “not customarily for one year, or two, or three” and it eventually caused her to check into a hospital in Israel in Jan this year. She’s now retired from a sport, hasn’t skated in roughly a year and says she doesn’t skip a ice.

“Anorexia is a 21st-century illness and it’s sincerely common. Unfortunately, not everybody can cope with it,” Lipnitskaya pronounced in an talk expelled Tuesday by a Russian Figure Skating Federation. Lipnitskaya, a youngest Olympic skating bullion medallist given 1936, wishes she’d oral out about her illness earlier.

“My customarily bewail is that we didn’t do this before,” a 19-year-old Lipnitskaya said. Her probity is partially singular in Russia, where eating disorders customarily aren’t discussed publicly.

Lipnitskaya’s final competition, a Grand Prix eventuality in November, was a distant cry from her Olympic triumph. Unable to tackle a large jumps in her giveaway program, she stopped a movement with tears in her eyes. The judges authorised her to resume after a break, though she finished 12th, in final place.

Prioritizing health over competition

Officials pronounced Lipnitskaya was injured. She entered residential diagnosis for anorexia dual months later.

“After a Cup of Russia we came home and put my skates in a closet and we haven’t seen them since,” she said. “I’m no longer drawn to a ice.”

Lipnitskaya pronounced that when she entered a hospital in Jan she insincere she would still continue her skating career. Two things happened to convince her otherwise. First, sessions with psychologists helped her to comprehend she wanted to put her health first. Second, her stay in a hospital valid a small some-more removed that she had planned.

“After a initial week there, on a giveaway day, my phone was stolen and apparently that pennyless my whole tie to a outward world,” she said.

“It’s customarily now that we know because it happened to me. It was for me to unequivocally consider about what’s function in my life. It played a really critical role,” Lipnitskaya said. “I had even some-more time to work on my health, and to consider what I’d do after withdrawal a clinic.”

Media frenzy in Russia

In Russia, her immature age and a really open cuddle during a Olympics from Putin done her a domicile name. She found it tough to cope with fame.

“Ever given childhood I’ve been a really clever introvert,” Lipnitskaya said. “Speaking with an unknown chairman meant we had to make a genuine effort.”

The proclamation of Lipnitskaya’s retirement sparked a frenzy in Russian media. Lipnitskaya pronounced she has been forced to repudiate several ungrounded theories about her decision, and that a male who claimed to be her father on Russian state TV was an impostor.

What comes subsequent for Lipnitskaya isn’t clear. For now, she’s focusing on preparation and hopes to enter college subsequent year, presumably as a preface to a career in sports management.

She pronounced she has found complacency frequently roving adult to 40 kilometers on horseback in a panorama nearby Moscow.

Her horse, Dakota, is “tall, with a indication coming and a poetic personality,” a former Olympic skating champion said. “It’s customarily like a dream.”

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