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Charles Oakley sues Knicks owners, claiming defamation

Former New York Knicks star Charles Oakley sued a team’s owners Tuesday, observant he was defamed when they claimed he committed attack and was an alcoholic after his Feb detain during a game.

The lawsuit sum how Oakley was treated before and after he was forcefully private from Madison Square Garden during a initial entertain of a Feb. 8 Knicks’ detriment to a Los Angeles Clippers. It seeks vague damages.

Oakley was a Knicks fan favourite from 1988 to 1998. He was indicted of distinguished a confidence ensure during a Feb fracas.

Last month, prosecutors concluded to boot charges after 6 months of good behavior.

Many of a lawsuit’s some-more vicious claims are destined during group owners James Dolan, who was nearby Oakley when a renouned energy brazen was seen shoving confidence guards before they pulled him divided from his seat. 

The lawsuit says that prolonged before a game, Dolan had “constantly disrespected” Oakley, refusing to make eye hit or shake his palm during meetings, denying him fan appreciation nights and creation him compensate for his possess tickets to games.

The lawsuit blames Dolan for Oakley’s dismissal from a game, observant Oakley “was treated like a common criminal” after Dolan destined confidence to “forcibly mislay Mr. Oakley from a Garden and publicly confuse him on live television.”

The Madison Square Garden Co. called a lawsuit “frivolous” and “nothing some-more than another try by Mr. Oakley to hoard attention. We will understanding with this accordingly.”

Dolan-Oakley difference not mended

Oakley asserts by a lawsuit that it was apparent Dolan had destined his ouster when a confidence ensure aloud asked: “Why are we sitting so tighten to Mr. Dolan?”

Oakley told a ensure he had finished zero wrong and was returning to his chair when dual guards grabbed him and pushed him to a ground, perfectionist he leave a stadium, a lawsuit says.

“As if their open indignity of Mr. Oakley was not annoying and ashamed enough, over a indirect days defendants Dolan and [Madison Square Garden] launched a concurrent and insulting open family debate opposite Mr. Oakley, baselessly accusing him of abusing fans and staff, behaving inappropriately and struggling with alcoholism,” according to a lawsuit.

Oakley has suffered irreparably mistreat to his name and career and has been discriminated opposite “based on a fake notice that he is an alcoholic, all in a pure try to darken his station among Knicks fans,” a lawsuit says.

“However, as he did via his personification career, Mr. Oakley has refused to travel to a dais in shame,” it adds, observant he was suing to set a record true and reason a defendants obliged for “reprehensible conduct.”

The lawsuit surmises that Dolan’s diagnosis of Oakley competence have stemmed from “resentment for Mr. Oakley’s ardent following among Knicks’ fans, annoy that Mr. Oakley would not `kiss a ring’ of a successor to a Madison Square Garden sovereignty or sparse insecurities driven by his possess personal demons.”

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