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NBA champ Warriors give Oakland something to celebrate

The Golden State Warriors twirled T-shirts over their heads and waved to a throng from atop double-decker buses as blue and yellow confetti rained down on them during a march Thursday to applaud a team’s latest championship.

Stephen Curry hold a Larry O’Brien trophy, his mother and kids beside him. He got off his train and hopped and shouted as he gave high fives to a crowd. NBA Finals MVP Kevin Durant rode on a opposite train with his mom.

“I was awaiting more,” manager Steve Kerr told KTVU-TV, joking about a distance of a crowd.

Kerr pronounced he was unapproachable that a group “came behind from a heartbreak of final year.”

The Warriors blew a 3-1 lead in a Finals final year and mislaid a pretension to a Cleveland Cavaliers after posting a best regular-season record in NBA history.

The Warriors went 15-1 in this year’s post-season, with sweeps in a initial 3 rounds before violence LeBron James and a Cavaliers in 5 games in a Finals.

“We’ve overcome a lot of doubts,” pronounced Tulio Zelada, 28, a San Francisco proprietor who attended a parade. He described himself as a Warriors fan given facile school.

The march wound by downtown Oakland, where fans in Warriors shirts and hats cheered their favourite players.

Some good news for Oakland

Oakland recently schooled it’s losing one of a other dear teams, a Raiders, to Las Vegas, and a city is still disorder from a military liaison and anguish a lethal room fire. The Warriors are also headed to San Francisco, where they pennyless belligerent this year on a new locus slated to open in 2019.

But Thursday was a singular possibility to celebrate.

“Oakland represents all of us,” Kerr told KTVU. “You’ve got people of each race, colour, religion, creed, whatever, and everybody’s only entrance together and amatory this team.”

The imminent detriment of a Warriors to San Francisco was on a minds of some fans who came out to cheer, yet many threw a word “dynasty” around and approaching one some-more championship march in Oakland subsequent year.

“It’s a bittersweet impulse today,” pronounced Carolina Gallegos, 32, an Oakland resident.

Sheldon Glasgow, who has been vital in Oakland for 10 years, pronounced he wasn’t indignant a Warriors were moving. Glasgow hold posters of Durant.

“It’s still in a Bay,” he said. “No matter where they go, it’s still in a Golden State.”

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