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Raptors’ Masai Ujiri says ‘nobody removing fired’ for vocalization their mind

Toronto Raptors boss Masai Ujiri says he is excellent with his players vocalization their mind, adding nobody is going to get dismissed here.

His criticism was a anxiety to U.S. President Donald Trump’s debate Friday in Alabama when he pronounced NFL owners should glow players who criticism during a inhabitant anthem.

Ujiri says he’s “110 per cent” behind his players, adding on a team’s initial day of training stay that players “have a platform. There’s nobody removing dismissed here, we can quote me.”

Raptors ensure Delon Wright says it’s a leisure of debate emanate and athletes should be means to use their platform. And he thinks a boss should be tweeting about bigger issues than athletes kneeling.

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Trump’s comments and successive tweets stirred quick reaction. As did his preference to redress an invitation to a White House to a NBA champion Golden State Warriors.

Top 5 other times athletes protested​2:03

More NFL players knelt. Other stood and sealed arms, with group owners in some instances.

The boss doubled down Monday with several some-more tweets.

‘The emanate of kneeling has zero to do with race. It is about honour for a Country, Flag and National Anthem. NFL contingency honour this!”

Trump also praised NASCAR after several group owners warned of consequences for anthem protests.

‘I extol a NFL players, a owners that were out there station together in unity. And again it’s not disrespecting a dwindle whatsoever.’
— Toronto Raptors conduct manager Dwane Casey on people responding to U.S. President Donald Trump’s comments

Coach Dwane Casey, who met with his players Sunday night to plead a issue, also pronounced he speedy a Raptors to use their First Amendment rights.

He called it hapless that people “can even question” either athletes’ have a right to pronounce out.

“And entrance from a president, it’s hurtful,” he said.

Casey pronounced he did not see a anthem protests as disrespectful.

“I extol a NFL players, a owners that were out there station together in unity. And again it’s not disrespecting a dwindle whatsoever.”

Casey pronounced he tells his kids and his players that we don’t disregard your dwindle or your country, or a bureau of a presidency.

“It stands for something,” he said.

“But if we feel strongly about something, we have a right to pronounce adult about it,” Casey added.

Ujiri pronounced while there’s copiousness of things about a U.S. that are special, “Canada is a blessing.”

DeRozan appreciates support

“I consider we’d get to go to dual White Houses, right? If we win a championship, hopefully, one day. we consider we’ll be excellent with [Prime Minister] Justin Trudeau,” he said, sketch laughs.

Star ensure DeMar DeRozan pronounced it was “awesome” that a Raptors had a support of their manager and boss — and their league.

DeRozan, who grew adult in Compton, Calif., pronounced friends have been shot by police. Even today, he pronounced there are questions about pushing a oppulance car.

He pronounced Trump had brought a lot of a firestorm on himself and a U.S.

“You’ve got your boss on Twitter some-more than a 12-year-old, observant a many vast things for people who are only perplexing to do something right,” he said. “It’s crazy.”

He supports what a NFL players are doing.

Athletes united

“I’m all for anything that’s right,” he said. “A lot of a NFL players are doing a heck of a pursuit station adult for what they trust in. It’s good to see all a guys adhering together.”

Fellow all-star Kyle Lowry pronounced athletes, only like anybody else, are joined in wanting an finish to amicable injustice.

He praised NBA stars LeBron James and Chris Paul and NFL owners for vocalization out in a arise of Trump’s comments.

As for a president, Lowry pronounced it was “unfortunate” that a personality of a giveaway universe is job group SOBs.

“That’s only sad, to go on a Twitter diatribe and to be focusing on smaller things, a smallest topics — a kneeling actor … and not concentration on a amicable injustices that are going on. It’s bad, it’s unequivocally bad.

“You arise adult really day and you’re like ‘What’s next?’ That’s not a approach we wish to arise up. You wish to arise adult and contend ‘All right, let’s have a good day.”‘

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